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Character Interview ~ Luca from Lisa T Bergren's River of Time series

Introducing Luca Forelli, cousin and closest friend of Lord Marcello Forelli, loyal, courageous, funny and completely devoted to Lia Bettarini :)


Rel:~ You have been family and best friend to Marcello your whole life ~ what do you admire most about him?

Luca:~ [shrugs with one shoulder] He is Lord Forelli. Lord Forelli. [pauses, as if that explains it all] Everything he does is for the good of his people. Are you going to ask me what I like least about him? [cocks brow, casually sits back]

Okay, what do you like least?

He didn’t heed my counsel. I told him to break his betrothal to Lady Romana long before he did.

Why didn’t he?

Honor. Loyalty.

Do you ever wonder that the dispute between Siena and Firenze is futile?

‘Tis life. If it wasn’t Siena and Firenze, it’d be Siena and Pienza, or Siena and Pisa, or Siena and Venezia. Territory is a commodity; men will forever fight for more of it.

What was it about Evangelia that first caught your eye?

She is like an angel who has just parted the clouds and descended—who could look away? Only a blind man.

Tell us what a typical day looks like for you, please (when you are not safeguarding Lia & Gabi!)

[peers at me oddly, as if everyone does what he does] I rise with the sun, pray in the chapel and break my fast. I confer with Marcello to find out what he has planned and my part in it, send a group of knights out on patrol, then oversee sparring exercises with the others. We typically spend several hours on that each morning. After our noon meal, I go with the second group of knights on patrol. We return, take our dinner with the rest of the castle in the Great Hall, then listen to a reading.

You know about the time tunnel where Lia and Gabi appeared from. Are you ever tempted to visit their century?

[shudders] Nay. That is a strange and fearsome magic. I prefer to keep to things I understand. And the sooner Evangelia stays on this side of the tunnel, the better I shall like it. I fear she shall go, and never return. Even she doesn’t understand it.

What do you most value in life?

Love. Laughter. People I love and laugh with.

What makes Gabi a good match for your friend, Marcello?

She is as stubborn as he. [laughs] Passionate, as well as beautiful.

What is your favourite activity to do when you aren’t fulfilling your duties as a knight and defender of Castello Forelli?

Aside from following Lady Evangelia about? [grins]

Yes, aside from that!

Ahh, then ‘twould be dancing with Lady Evangelia. Or serving as her escort on a ride about the Tuscan hills. Or watching her sketch. Or listening to her read…

What about when Lia is gone?

Ahh, in such dark days, the only thing that lifts my spirits is beating Lord Marcello at any game I can.

Thanks for talking with me, Luca ~ hope we get to read more stories of your adventures one day!

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Joy Tamsin David said...

Ah Luca, great getting to know thee. :)

Julie J. said...

Hmmm...I've never read anything by Lisa Bergren but you have now convinced me! I'll have to put them in on my next Amazon order! :)

Amber S. said...

Love this interview! Luca definitely stole my heart with his humor and charm, and I'm eagerly awaiting the last installment of this series!! :D


Rel said...

Julie! Never read Lisa's books? Where have I gone wrong?!!! You will love her stories.

Did you know you can get Waterfall free on Kindle at the moment? Or Kindle for PC?

Anyway, I love Lisa's books - any of them are worth checking out!

Joy & Amber ~ Luca is a sweetheart, isn't he?!

Lisa Tawn Bergren said...

I ADORE this interview, Rel. Thanks for taking some time to hang with Luca. :-)

P.S. Fab picture!! That works for me!

Lucia (iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books) said...

Okay. Luca has totally stolen my heart with this interview. Lisa, please write that Lia spin-off series!!

I need more. He's so sweet. <3

Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

Love these answers... Luca is such a great character. =)

Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

LOL I always love your character interviews Rel because I almost ALWAYS do a double take when it comes to the photos of the heroes and it was no different for this one. *sigh* I do love my book boyfriends.

XOXO~ Renee C.

Rel said...

Lisa ~ thanks for dropping by. Luca did most of the hard work in this interview but I appreciate your kind words ;-D

Lucia, Ashley and Renee ~ Luca is hard to beat, isn't he? We need to be out and about sharing our love of this series so there is impetus for more stories :)

Anonymous said...

I love Luca...:)

I cant wait to read all about him and Lia....

Juju at Tales of said...

He is SO swoony.
FUN interview.
Excellent picture!

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