Sunday, 10 July 2011

Character Interview ~ Lia from Lisa T Bergren's River of Time

 Introducing Lia Bettarini, Gabi's younger sister and a fine archer who has caught the eye of Marcello's cousin and right hand man, Luca


Rel:  You weren’t very keen to return to the fourteenth century when Gabi asked. Having gone back, have you changed your mind?

Lia:  It’s starting to become a little more real to me. Possible. But I’m not ready to commit yet. This place is rough. I mean, REALLY rough.

What do you admire about your big sister, Gabi?

She’s funny and strong and caring. She watches out for me, but she’s also super passionate.

Do you think you have changed since experiencing medieval Italy? In what ways?

I’ve gotten a lot stronger. Mentally, thinking things through for myself, rather than just always following Gabi or Mom. Emotionally, dealing with hard things, like death. It was super hard, after I’d killed a man, you know? [shakes head] I felt a little crazy for a while. But then you come down to decisions like it’s us or them. Kill or be killed. That’s not something I was wrestling with, back at Boulder High. [laughs] But it’s also helped me really appreciate life too.

Did you ever think you would meet a fourteenth century guy who rivals the surfer dudes you normally find appealing? Tell us about Luca.

Luca is kind of like a surfer dude. He’s all easy, breezy in his attitude. I mean, until we’re in a serious situation—then he gets more serious too. He makes me laugh. And even before Marcello really got how cool Gabi is, he seemed to. It’s like those guys were made for us or something…

The archery lessons your Dad made you take have paid off in spades. How do you come to terms with using your skills to survive?

I’ve never been the athletic sort of girl. I always preferred a good book or time to draw, or listening to my iPod. It was Dad’s idea to make me practice archery. Gabi was into the fencing thing, and I didn’t want that to be my thing too. I like to be my own person, not just Gabi’s Little Sister. But if Dad hadn’t done that, if I hadn’t practiced with him and Mom so much…[shakes head and lifts brow] I don’t think we’d be sitting here talking now. And in terms of me using my skills to survive…What’s the alternative? I had a hard time with it at first. Now…I just do it.

What was important to you back in America that now has little meaning?
Getting a car when I turn sixteen. [giggles]

What do you love most about Italy?
[sly grin] The guys.

Thanks Lia ~ appreciate you taking time to chat in between target practice and chasing Gabi all over Siena ;-)

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Lisa Tawn Bergren said...

Thanks for taking the time, Rel, to hang out with Lia!

nolene said...

I'm really looking forward to Cascade!

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