Monday, 4 July 2011

Martha by Diana Wallis Taylor


Perhaps one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented characters of the New Testament is Martha. Often painted in the colors of reproach, Martha seems to be the poster child for how not to be a follower of Jesus. 

From the mind of Diana Wallis Taylor comes this touching, well-researched portrayal of Martha of Bethany, sister of Mary and Lazarus. Through Taylor's lush descriptions and inspired combination of imagined and recorded dialogue, Martha's world--her trials, triumphs, and loves--vibrantly comes to life. Follow Martha as she is jilted by her betrothed, falls in love with a Roman soldier, grieves the death of her father, cares for her siblings, and serves her Lord with dignity and grace. Readers will never read the biblical story of Martha the same way again.

My take:~

Diana Wallis Taylor's gentle retelling of the story of Martha is an engaging and thought provoking tale which I enjoyed from beginning to end.  Extremely readable and faithful to the Biblical story where extrapolation was not required, Martha's story gives a possible glimpse of this woman's feelings as she and her family befriend Jesus and his disciples and welcome him into their home.  Diana's Martha is a deeply responsible woman, wanting to ensure her family is cared for and respected in their community, which leads to Jesus' gentle rebuke of her choices.  I loved that Diana kept the story fresh and transparent, avoiding unnecessary complexities, resulting in a moving and absorbing tale of Martha's journey to belief, acceptance and love.

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Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I've wanted to read this. The story of Mary and Martha is one of my favorites. I have a painting of Mary and Martha and Jesus in my kitchen.
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