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Character Interview ~ Azzan Yasir from Ronie Kendig's Wolfsbane

Introducing Azzan Yasir, former Mossad assassin, Piper Neeley's cousin and newest member of the Nightshade team.  

Azzan first appears in Digitalis and manages to get Legend's back up from the get go!  In Wolfsbane his relationship with the team changes....mostly for the better ;-)

Azzan "Aladdin" Yasir

Rel:  It has been quite a transition for you, Azzan, from Mossad assassin to a member of the Nightshade team. How has that been for you?

Aladdin:  Any transition is hard, but it strengthens us, yes? I believe very much in what I did for Israel, and if asked, I would return at once. When General Lambert approached me about joining Nightshade, the conflict in me was great, but I saw that my time with Mossad had come to an end. 

Legend has given you a pretty hard time. Think you could take him?!

He is a hard man to convince but in time, I am certain he will see that he can trust me. We are on the same team, I would not violate my own code by attacking him. 
Mmmm....I see you take things seriously!  I was only joking, my friend :)

What do you particularly enjoy about the American lifestyle? 
I do not indulge in the ways of many, but I do appreciate the freedoms afforded here. All the same, because my skin is a certain shade and my face bears the heritage I am proud of, that makes shall I say this? ...concerned when they see me walking down the street with my backpack. 

What do you miss about your homeland? 
In all honesty, I miss modesty that is often lacking here, and with all my soul, I miss the connection to Yeshua I felt there. Though I realize He is within, there is something deep and spiritual about Israel. And my uncle, of course. 

You are trained to observe and assess a person’s character quickly. What do you see when you look at:

MaxBurden. Not in the sense that you might imagine. Not a bad burden, but a weight on him, just as King David had for leading his people. I sense that in Max, and he will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of his men and their families. It is an honor to know and work with him.
ColtonWisdom. His passion for Yeshua is obvious and flows through his very big body. *laugh* He is a very solid, good-hearted man, who has his priorities in order: God, family, and country.
CanyonShallow is the word that comes to mind because this man does not allow many to breach the deep waters of his soul. Those who make it past that are held close and tight. A more loyal man I have not met.
GriffinTrust – everything comes down to trust for this man. It is hard to earn, but once you do, I believe it’s irrevocable (excluding an egregious event). I do not know if I will earn his trust—we tend to disagree on how things should be done—but he is the one I would want on my side in a deadly situation. 

DightonJohn and I established a quick bond out of pure necessity to survive on the Nightshade team. He is a quiet man, says little but acts great.
MarshallUnsuspecting – I think most of the men on this team do not suspect the wealth of wisdom and intelligence in Marshall. He brings trouble upon himself by acting ignorant and foolish. I do not tolerate that well since I can see what lies beyond that facade.

Your cousin Piper snagged Colton. Any cute American girl in your sights?!

My cousin indeed found a good husband, and it does my heart good to see her happy and thriving with her new family. I am grateful they allow me to stay with them and be an uncle. However, I am not looking for a wife nor do I feel anything is missing in my life. There are those whose calling does not afford luxuries like that, and I fear that is what Yeshua has asked of me. 

Caught any good waves lately?

Ah yes. Canyon and I have been out nearly every weekend. It has been a nice way to relax and build a relationship.

I've been sworn to secrecy by the person who gave me this pic, Azzan ;-D It may not be whom you think!  You took a bit of a pounding this time, eh?  Good to know you still love the waves ~ Squirt will have to bring you down to our famous Bells Beach sometime soon!

What is the best thing about your job?

Doing what I am called to do. A very few are made warriors from birth, so it is good to exercise that gift. Each scenario challenges me and makes me grow. That is a good thing. 

Thanks for sharing your insights into the guys and for sharing a bit about yourself, Azzan ~ I know it's not something you do easily so appreciate it all the more! 

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Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Each and every one of these Nightshade guys needs their own story. I say spinoff series!!!! ;-)

XOXO~ Renee

Linda said...

Loved the interview. Kept the character throughout the questions. Super!

Sara said...

I agree with Renee! A spinoff series would be great! I really liked Aladdin in Wolfsbane...if only Legend would warm up to him a bit more. :)

Nicole said...

Well done. ;)

Julie J. said...

I totally agree with Renee and Sara!! I have to say, it was really hard to read this (not that it wasn't written well!) because I was getting lost in those eyes....hmmm...a married girl can look and not touch, right? Mesmerizing...

Ronie Kendig said...

This interview turned out awesome, Rel. Aladdin has already talked to me about this picture. He didn't take it well, but I assured him it's good to show that we are human. Warning to whomever sahred it with you--Aladdin's quiet and he's quiet. He never forgets. :-D

Rel said...

Ronie-tell Aladdin we only tease people we love :) And maybe don't tell him he is getting quite a few votes in the giveaway entry form for his story to be told AND not everyone is convinced he is hearing God quite right on the staying single issue ;-D

Casey said...

Love those pics!

Rel, I just wanted to let you know I tagged you on my blog if you are interested in doing so. No worries if you are not. :-)

Ronie Kendig said...

I told him and he just shook his head and left. And told me to fix my error--it was supposed to read "he's QUICK and quiet." Ahem.

And shhh...don't tell him, but I want to write his story too.

Rachel said...

LOVED this Character Interview! I'm with the other ladies, those eyes were easy to get lost in... ;) All those Nightshade men are swoon worthy!

Joy Tamsin David said...

Great interview! I think this is an awesome picture for Azzan, and I'm not surprised he's not looking for anyone special right now. He's probably too tough to address the feelings of loss of the lady that caught his eye in Digitalis.

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