Thursday, 28 July 2011

Author Alert ~ Dani Pettrey

There is nothing I love more than discovering a new author, especially in a genre I love!   Introducing them to you is even better :)

Meet Dani Pettrey who is contracted to Bethany House for a three book romantic suspense series, kicking off with Submerged in March, 2012.

Dani has kindly shared the synopsis for Submerged and a favourite paragraph ~ enjoy!

A sabotaged flight.

Two murdered divers.

A single clue—a grainy image of sunken treasure.

Dive Rescue Captain Cole McKenna has never worked a case like this, but who he’s working with may prove more dangerous than the assignment. It’s been a lifetime since Bailey mangled his heart. Now she’s back in town and he needs her expertise to track down the illusive treasure.

Professor of Russian Studies Bailey Craig vowed never to set foot in Yancey again, but when her beloved aunt dies, she has no choice. Her plan of attack is simple: return for Agnes’s funeral, get the family business ready for a quick sale, and then put Yancey and all the heartbreaking memories wrapped up in it behind her for good.

Cole walking through her door, asking for her help on a murder investigation, wasn’t part of her plan, neither are the feelings he’s resurrecting—feelings best left dead. Agreeing to help for the sake of the victims, she and Cole travel across Alaska’s rugged terrain and deep beneath is coastal waters. As the case escalates, so do their feelings for one another. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to let go of the past and just when Bailey thinks she can’t take it any longer, the case shifts in a new and extremely personal direction, fastening her in for its duration. Racing against the clock and a rising body count, Cole and Bailey work together to find the treasure and uncover the hidden history at the root of it all. But will they be too late?

Loving the sound of this story and Cole and Bailey ~ how about you?  

Here's a favourite sneak peek from Dani.

Bailey kept her gaze downcast as people shuffled past. So many pairs of shoes moving by. So many who loved Agnes.

In a few minutes they’d all be gone and she could say a proper goodbye, without anyone peering on. She’d tell her aunt how much she loved her and how desperately she’d miss hearing that gravely voice encouraging her, prodding her on...even chastising her when she needed a good kick in the pants.

“Bailey.” A hand rested on her shoulder.

She flinched, her heart nearly stopping.

It wasn’t Pastor John, but she knew the voice. It haunted her often in her dreams.

Her heart sank as she gazed up into those eyes—the same seafoam green ones that first filled her with joy and then with shame.

It’d been futile thinking she could avoid him in a town Yancey’s size. He was as much a part of the place as tides were the ocean. Every memory of Yancey was wrapped up in him. Her best and worst.

“Sorry.” Cole offered a weak smile. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

She blinked. It was all she was capable of.

He extended a hand. “Cole McKenna. Don’t know if you remember me.”

How could she forget?

Check back soon for an exclusive interview with Dani and to see cover art once it is released.


Christine said...

I'm looking forward to the whole series!

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome Ms. Dani!! I can't wait till it comes out! :)

- Alyssa

Anonymous said...

Great writing! That book is going to be fantastic. -Faline

Michelle said...

A heroine who is a professor of Russian Studies?!!!! This definitely just went onto my must read list.

Dad said...

That's my girl! Sounding very exiting.

LoveFeast Table said...

Just a little taste leaves me wanting for more.

Sandi said...

Dani!!! It is so exciting watching this happen for you! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

Rel said...

Thanks everyone for dropping by!

I can tell Dani is a popular lady, especially with Dad ;-) Love it!

Pop Pop said...

Already discovered that you are an awesome mother and daughter-in-law. Guess I'll have to add awesome author to that list. Really proud of you and happy for you
Pop Pop

Anonymous said...

Love it!! You are such an inspiration. And I can't help but add I love that scarf you are wearing in that picture!!!!!! ; )

~ Grace

Dani said...

I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind comments. I have been blessed with the most amazing support :)

Dani said...

It's a one of a kind original by a very talented young lady :)

Dani said...

Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm, Rel! The Author Alert looks amazing. I love the diving picture you included. So honored to be on your blog :)

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