Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Coming soon from Robert Liparulo & Thomas Nelson

So looking forward to this story from fabulous author and terrific bloke, Robert Liparulo.  You may have seen a different cover around the traps but this is the new and improved version, according to man himself :)

Preorder (and check out the first cover while it is still there!) The 13th Tribe now and then practice some patience as you await its April release date!

Immortals from the time of Moses roam the earth on a quest for justice . . . and heaven.

One man stands in their way.
In 1476 BC, the Israelites turned their backs on the One True God by worshipping a golden calf. For their transgression, forty were cursed to walk the earth forever. Banished from their people, they formed their own tribe, The 13th Tribe.

Now, three and a half millennia later, the remnant of this Tribe continues to seek redemption through vigilante justice—goaded by dark forces in the spiritual realm. They are planning a bold strike modeled on the Israelites’ conquest of Canaan: the complete destruction of a major city—only now, they possess the horrific technology of modern weapons to ensure their success.

Jagger Baird is a husband and father…and security guard of an archaeological dig at the base of Mount Siani. Jagger suddenly finds himself in a fight for the future as he discovers the Tribe’s plans. But to win this fight, he must overcome his own struggles with faith and self-worth – as well as his anger at God for a past tragedy.

This taut thriller by acclaimed novelist Robert Liparulo fuses tomorrow’s technology with faith and non-stop action for a supernatural suspense novel unlike any other.


Nicole said...

Yay! Always look forward to Robert's work.

Jenny said...

Like the new cover MUCH better! Thanks for sharing. =)

Mark said...

sounds awesome - thanks for sharing!

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