Thursday, 10 November 2011

Freezing Point by Elizabeth Goddard


Casey Wilkes didn't realize her simple human-interest story would put her life at risk—again. After fleeing her home and journalism job in Portland, she wanted to live under the radar for a while. But when her interviewee starts dodging her questions, her reporter instincts kick in and she finds herself in over her head….

Homeland security agent Jesse Mitchell has been undercover as an ice sculptor for months, trying to infiltrate a smuggling ring. He wants to avoid trouble, and that's just what Casey brings. Now someone has a target set on Casey. Saving her could blow his cover, but leaving her unprotected endangers him even more—especially his heart.

My take:~

Elizabeth Goddard has penned an intriguing suspense novel against a backdrop of ice sculpting and undercover operations.  Fleeing one danger, journalist Casey Wilkes stumbles headfirst into another, only this time the attractive yet cagey Jesse Dufour is there to lend a hand.  As anticipated with these small novels, the action and attraction occurs with unusual urgency but Elizabeth handles it well, giving Jesse and Casey time to doubt each others' feelings and motivations.  Jesse also struggles with the dilemmas he is faced with while undercover and how that reflects upon his faith.  A quick and enjoyable read with plenty of action, Freezing Point will appeal to readers of these series.

With thanks to the author for my review copy

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Beth Goddard said...

Thank! I appreciate your time doing this.

Andi said...

Hi! I just gave you an award, go here to claim it!

Ausjenny said...

Wow love the cover. its wonderful.

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