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Heiress by Susan May Warren

In her Gilded Age retelling of the Biblical story of Jacob and Esau, Susan May Warren reminds readers of the sordid nature of greed, infidelity and betrayal in a time where opulence, entitlement and social standing were life itself.

Esme Price has been groomed to take her place in society and her parents intend to engineer her marriage to benefit their pocketbooks rather than Esme's heart.  When her heart is shattered by tragedy and then sisterly betrayal, Esme flees New York to seek a life of independence on the Montana frontier and experiences a life she couldn't have imagined.

Jinx's deception and betrayal of her sister garner her the man and lifestyle she thought she wanted but too soon she discovers that behind her husband's smooth facade lies a heart overflowing with anger and vicious intent.  A fateful encounter changes her life of privilege to an internal battle of heartache and devastating secrets.

Susan May Warren has penned a compelling tale of the changing fortunes of two sisters in Heiress.  In depth characterisation and fascinating historical detail mark this story from beginning to end.  Esme's journey from privileged society girl to an independent woman determined to carve out a career, despite opposition, is intriguing and moving.  As Jinx becomes trapped in an imaginable world of heartache through her own poor choices, Susan shines a light on the consequences of avarice, self indulgence and bitter desire.  Realistic and genuine, conservative readers may find the storyline confronting but those who seek an honest reflection of sin and the need for God's redemption will find Heiress enthralling.  The parallels with Jacob and Esau are intriguing and well thought out and reflect the same ugliness of the brothers' bitter dispute as a retelling should.  A number of editorial errors were surprising in this otherwise excellent novel.  Both the burgeoning newspaper and dangerous mining industries are explored, and the detail makes very interesting reading.  This first novel  in the Daughters of Fortune series will have readers highly anticipating more quality historical writing from such a versatile author.

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misskallie2000 said...

I loved Sons of Thunder and hope to read more os Susie's books.

Great review.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Bookworm1858 said...

I didn't realize this was a take on the story of Esau and Jacob-definitely not one of my favorite Biblical stories but this take sounds really interesting. Plus I have a deep love for the Gilded Age and stories about sisters. I think I will definitely consider reading this now. Thanks for the review!

Casey said...

I really loved this book. It was one of those "don't-bother-me-I'm-reading" kind of novels. :)

Christy said...

I was hooked on this book from start to finish, and actually counted the number of times that my jaw hit the floor. I didn't realize there were errors in the final copy...must have been too enthralled with the whole story to notice. :o)

Great review as always, Rel!

Rel said...

Misskallie ~ I really enjoyed Sons of Thunder, too. Loving Susie's historical novels.

Bookworm ~ sounds to me you will love Heiress :) Appreciate your thanks, too!

Casey ~ yep, I agree!

Christy ~ just a couple of references to one character when it should have been another. Nothing big but still very unusual for Summerside. Thanks for the encouragement!

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