Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Author Alert ~ Beth Vogt

I'm delighted to introduce a non-fiction author and editor who vowed she’d never write fiction! 

Beth Vogt is set to release her debut contemporary romance Wish You Were Here from Howard Books, in May, 2012.  Here's how she first pitched her story to editors: 

"What happens when a woman kisses her fiance's brother five days before the wedding? Which is the mistake? The wedding? Or the kiss?"


Allison Denman is supposed to get married in five days, but everything is all wrong. The huge wedding. The frothy dress. And the groom.

Still, kissing the groom's brother in an unguarded moment is decidedly not the right thing to do. How could she have made such a mistake? It seems Allison's life is nothing but mistakes at this point. And pulling a "Runaway Bride" complete with stealing, er, borrowing her best friend's car doesn't seem to solve her problems.

Can Allison find her way out of this mess? Maybe she just needs to stop orchestrating everything. Allison prefers being the one in control, and giving it up is not going to be easy. But to find her way again, she will have to believe that God has a plan for her and find the strength to let Him lead.


Be sure to check out Beth's informative website to learn more and enjoy a favourite passage of Beth's from the opening of Wish You Were Here:

She never should have said yes.

Allison smoothed the bodice of the wedding gown, the fitted lace sleeves clinging to her arms. 

Waves of material billowed out from her waist, threatening to overwhelm her like a silken tsunami. 

The style was all wrong.

She'd known it months ago -- the moment the saleswoman released the dress from its protective plastic covering. Allison doubted all those layers of ivory lace and silk, bows and beads would ever fit back into such a small bag. 

Securing the myriad of tiny pearl buttons marching down the back took precedence over her request for something simpler. She'd been instructed to stand on a round carpeted platform in front of a wall of angled mirrors. Encouraged to turn this way and that for the assembled critics -- her best friend, Meghan; her mom; her younger sister, Hadleigh; and Seth's mom. Her future mother-in-law's breathless "Perfect" sealed Allison's fate.

While her mother paid a price as outlandish as the dress, the bridal shop attendant stressed the "no returns/no refunds" policy. And now . . . well, Allison couldn't do anything about her decision five days before the wedding. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow this book sounds amazing!
I cant wait to read it!!

dtopliff said...

I'm privileged to know Beth and a little about the book. I've already pre-ordered my copy--also can't wait!

Pat Trainum aka P. T. Bradley said...

I've pre-ordered as well! What a great story question!

Katie Ganshert said...

I can't wait to read this book!

Amy said...

Sounds great!

Jessica Nelson said...

Love the starting conflict! Definitely hooks me. :-)

Melissa Tagg said...

I love Beth Vogt and can't wait to read her debut novel - and the many more to come!!

Paula Boire writing as Sara Jameson said...

I can't wait to read this book. Beth is a great writer and wonderful person. If you haven't pre-ordered your copy, I encourage you to do so. I have!

Amber S. said...

This books sounds really good!! :)

And that cover is so fun!


Lisa Jordan said...

I had the privilege of reading this book for endorsement. Fabulous read! Beth does a terrific job of weaving in romance, humor and spiritual truth that will leave the reader wanting more of her books. This is just the beginning!

Casey said...

I'm so thrilled for this and YOU, Beth! So glad to call you friend and celebrate in this wonderful accomplishment!

Dani Pettrey said...

So excited to read Beth's debut. Sounds fabulous! Another great Author Alert, Rel :)

Jenny said...

Sounds like it will be a the cover.

Thanks for sharing, Rel. =)

ginger said...

I so pre-ordered this book! I can't wait.

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