Sunday, 29 April 2012

Trauma Plan by Candace Calvert


Sidelined by injuries from a vicious assault, chaplain Riley Hale is determined to return to her former duties as an ER nurse. But how can she show she’s competent when the hospital won’t let her attempt even simple tasks? Determined to prove herself, Riley volunteers at a controversial urban free clinic despite her fears about the maverick doctor in charge.

Dr. Jack Travis defends his clinic like he’s commander of the Alamo. He’ll fight the community’s efforts to shut its doors, even if he must use Riley Hale’s influential family name to make it happen.

As Riley strives to regain her skills, Jack finds that she shares his compassion—and stirs his lonely heart. Riley senses that beneath Jack’s rough exterior is a man she can believe in. But when clinic protests escalate and questions surface about his past, Jack goes into battle mode and Riley wonders if it’s dangerous to trust him with her heart.

My take:~

While Candace Calvert once again gives readers a sigh-worthy hero and an appealing leading lady, she also packs an emotional punch in her first Grace Medical series that may require your own trip to the ER! Championing community clinics and the health professionals that sacrifice lucrative careers to run them, Candace gives readers a fast paced suspense novel with substance and soul. Jack is great character, dedicated and devoted to the homeless people he serves but with a temper that can damage his cause and pulls him from the trap of being the perfect man. Riley’s determination to work her way back into trauma nursing following a devastating injury is incredibly moving and oozes authenticity, no doubt from Candace’s personal experience with her own past severe injury. Trauma Plan will have your heart racing as the story unfolds and is well worth the eighteen month wait. Thankfully Rescue Team (working title) is not so far away!

With thanks to Tyndale for my review copy via NetGalley

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CandaceCalvert said...

I'm honored, blessed by this thoughtful review of my newest medical drama--thank you. Your dedication, time and talents are much appreciated by readers AND authors.
Glad you landed safely after skydiving with Dr. Jack (grin).

Laura Frantz said...

Oh, such a great post! LOVE Candace, both personally and professionally:) I know readers will be blessed by this series - I can hardly wait to meet Dr. Jack myself;)

Jen said...

Ohhh, can't wait. Rel I bags it first!!!!!!

Rel said...

Candy ~ I think your Jack could just about talk me into skydiving, too ;-D Thanks for dropping by, my friend.

Laura ~ you and Candy are two of the most delightful women I know! You will find Jack to be most appealing ;-)

Jen ~ what are little sisters for but to give big sisters what they want - hehehe! You know I always save the best ones for you first xo xo

Ellie said...

Sounds great Relle May I be after Jen????

Ann Shorey said...

Sounds like a terrific novel. Jack Travic sounds like a sigh-worthy hero indeed!

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