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Character Spotlight ~ Candace Calvert's Logan Caldwell & Claire Avery

Today the spotlight shines on Logan Caldwell & Claire Avery

Former nurse, Candace Calvert, has placed herself back in the emergency room with her debut Mercy Hospital medical drama series, commencing with Critical Care. This novel has drawn rave reviews and readers can't wait for more. I am sure you will love this peek into her characters, Logan and Claire.

Thanks, Candy:~

Brief physical description

Dr. Logan “McSnarly” Caldwell:

Tall, muscular, broad-shoulders, dark hair, intensely blue eyes—as the heroine observes:

“Logan Caldwell’s eyes were impossibly blue. Intense, almost crystalline, like the still surface of Lake Tahoe after a first snow. Fringed with black lashes, they seemed mismatched with his dark brows, curly hair, olive skin, and wide-bridged nose.”

Claire Avery, RN:

Tall, slender but athletic (a runner), long brown hair, gray eyes—as the hero observes:

“. . . Her eyes, Logan noticed, were the same soft gray of a dove’s wing. Almost lavender gray, with flecks of white, and lined with those long dark lashes. . . He cleared his throat. “I haven’t met many women who can climb rocks and scramble down a cliff without worrying about her clothes or breaking a fingernail. Or who knows how to lock in a Jeep’s hubs for four-wheeling, tie a fisherman’s knot, and handle salmon eggs and red worms.”

us person

Difficult ques
tion! I think Tyndale House captured my hero perfectly on the book cover. But some folks have suggested that these actors may resemble my main characters:

Logan Caldwell: Actor Clive Owen

Claire Avery: Actress Jennifer Connelly

Strengths and weaknesses

Dr. Logan Caldwell bursts onto the scene as the epitome of strength; both in his powerful physi
cal presence and as a stern taskmaster in the chaos of ER (“Either help me, or get out of my way!”) He’s bright, highly skilled, a natural leader, and completely determined—the doctor you’d want fighting to save your life. Despite his “snarly exterior, he has a tender, caring heart--well hidden beneath those faded blue scrubs.

Logan’s weaknesses stem from his relentless sense of responsibility. He’s controlling, demanding and critica
l, expects his ER team to be as tough as he is. He will not tolerate “weak links.” Past hurts have made him wary of relationships—especially with God.

Nurse Claire Avery is a consummate planner. She’s organized, focused, ready to get things done—whether in her new duties as an education nurse, or in her atte
mpts to move on with her life after the tragic loss of her brother. She’s idealistic, a Christian, and an advocate—and plucky enough to go toe to toe with Logan Caldwell in defense of his beleaguered ER staff.

Claire’s weaknesses arise from her inability to face the pain of her loss and confront her self do
ubts. Her brother’s death (in her own trauma room) and her subsequent stress symptoms struck a devastating blow to her confidence. This also keeps her from hoping for her own happy ending. Instead she maps out a career plan step by step, and expects God to give it His stamp of approval.

Quirk (if any)

Logan Caldwell pulls on a black leather jacket and escapes his workday stress via a Harley motorcycle, trading the chaos of ER for the pristine stillness of the Sierra mountains. If pizza and country music are added to the mix, all the better.

laire Avery talks to God as she jogs the trails in Gold Bug Park, and has a one-eared cat named Smokey.

Your inspiration for the character

The character of Logan Caldwell is a combination of the ER docs I’ve worked with— some attractive, funny, all skilled . . . and most of whom could go “McSnarly,” in a heartbeat.

Claire Avery puts a face on the devastating effects of critical incident stress. She also depicts the courage, heart, and faith it takes to face the pain, to “let go and let God.” Her journey offers hope.

Background to the story

After the tragic death of her brother, nurse Claire Avery vows to never set foot in a trauma room again. But when she’s required to offer staff counseling after a devastating day care explosion, she’s forced back to the ER—and into immediate conflict with the surly Dr. Logan Caldwell, who thinks “touchy-feely” counseling is a waste of time.

Thank you so much for this, Candy! It has been a lot of fun and I am looking forward to doing this again for Erin Quinn and Scott McKenna early next year :)

On Thursday, come back for a spotlight on Tina Forkner's Lillian Diamon and Truman Clark from her lastest release, Rose House.

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Deborah said...

lol too funny b/c everytime i see the cover i think that guy looks like clive owen!

CeeCee said...

I've got to read this book! Great looking spotlight, hahaha!

CandaceCalvert said...

Hi Rel--this looks awesome!

You make ME want to meet these folks, and . . . um, I've been living with them for more than a year!

Thank you for your wonderful work--you're a blessing. :-)


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