Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Veiled Freedom by Jeanette Windle

Disillusioned and bitter from his first experience in Kabul, Afghanistan as a Sergeant in the US Special Forces, security specialist Steve Wilson finds little has changed in the strife torn nation. As the new security advisor to the Afghani Minister of Interior, Khalid Sayef, Steve sees first hand what is left of the so called freedom he and the US army claimed for the Afghan people eight years earlier.

Amy Mallory has wanted to make a difference in the world since she was small and she knows her new job as an aid worker with NGO New Hope Foundation is the perfect opportunity. Yet from the outset, Amy struggles with the culture, customs and political maneuverings of a world so very different to her own.

Exiled to Pakistan, Jamil has only recently returned to his homeland and finds a job with the beautiful American the children call Ameera. Torn between his love for his country, the pain of his past and the teachings of the prophet Isa Masih, the man Amy calls Jesus, Jamil's life is balanced on a knife's edge.

Veiled Freedom is an honest and confronting story about the people and politics of Afghanistan, expertly written by Jeanette Windle, an author whose research and attention to detail is unsurpassed. Jeanette has a unique ability to engage the heart with well drawn characters, educate the mind with accurate and little known details and feed the spirit with sensitive spiritual revelations. Adventure and action abound in this story and Jeanette captures the dichotomies that are Kabul and her people. The sights and smells of the city come alive under her deft hand and the portrayal of Christians and Muslims and the issues they face daily, are eye opening and impartially related.

Steve, Amy and Jamil are characters that I quickly came to care about, each one providing real insight into the complexities that arise living in a nation with such political, religious and historical struggles.
Not once in this lengthy book did my attention waver and I truly hope a sequel allows me to see Steve, Amy and Jamil's journey to its conclusion. With a fascinating mix of political intrigue, danger and adventure, devotion and disillusionment, faith and a whisper of love, Veiled Freedom is a brilliant and challenging novel!

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Tracy said...

Sounds like a great book, and of course Jeanette is a fabulous author...another for the wishlist pile!

Leola said...

Hey - this sounds like an awesome book tackling some hard issues. Definately one for my wish list too! Thanks for another great review Rel.

Jen said...

Sounds fascinating. Can you put that on my TBR pile please. Thanks again Rel

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