Friday, 26 June 2009

Aussie Winter Warm Up Giveaway

To share some warmth Down Under this winter, I have a great giveaway open to my Australian readers only (apologies to all my other faithful readers).

You have the chance to win up to two books from the wonderful list below ~ you can enter for all or tell me just the books you are interested in. Click on the title links for a review/information on the book.


1. You must have an Aussie postal address

2. Post a comment, leaving contact details, on or before Sunday 12th July, 2009 telling me your favourite book you have read this year

3. Gain an extra entry if you follow me or subscribe and additional entries for every friend you tell about my blog and they follow me or subscribe!
You will need to tell me by email your friends' name/internet name so I can confirm your additional entries. Hope you share the love - LOL!!!

Check out the brand new books I have to give away:~

The Inheritance by Tamera Alexander (Historical romance)

Beloved Captive by Kathleen Y'Barbo (Historical romance)

Where the Heart Leads by Kim Vogel Sawyer (Historical)

Sweetwater Gap by Denise Hunter (Contemporary romance)

Wounded by Claudia Mair Burney (Contemporary)

Kiss Me If You Dare by Nicole Young (Romatic suspense)

Against All Odds by Irene Hannon (Romantic suspense)

Daisy Chain by Mary DeMuth (Contemporary)

Stepping Into Sunlight by Sharon Hinck (Contemporary)

Certain Jeopardy by Jeff Struecker & Alton Gansky (Military suspense)

A Flickering Light by Jane Kirkpatrick (Historical)

The Centurion's Wife by Davis Bunn & Janette Oke (Historical)

Gatekeepers by Robert Liparulo (YA suspense)

Havah: The Story of Eve by Tosca Lee (Biblical)

Michal by Jill Eileen Smith (Biblical)

It Happens Every Spring by Gary Chapman & Catherine Palmer (Contemporary)

Farraday Road by Ace Collins (Suspense)

Dark Pursuit by Brandilyn Collins

Double Minds by Terri Blackstock

Engaging Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn (Christmas contemporary)


alihsee said...

Oo'h, do I get 2 entries because I follow you? :)

My choices are:

Against All Odds by Irene Hannon
Where the Heart Leads by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Kiss Me If You Dare by Nicole Young

Thanks Rel!

Tracy said...

I saw this was coming and was very excited!!!

How about I give you my list in preference order and you can take it from there...or does that just sound really greedy? LOL

1. Michal by Jill Eileen Smith
2. Centurion's Wife by Bunn & Oke
3. Stepping into the Sunlight by Sharon Hinck
4. Double Minds by Terri Blackstock

How's that for outrageously selfish?! But you know..just in case I win something...and just in case someone gets to it before me I thought I'd cover my bases and make life easy for you. There, I do have some generosity when it comes to books LOL :)

Danielle said...

Ooh, exciting!!

Hmm, favourite book I've read this year? I've actually really LOVED reading a biography of EH Shepard, the man who illustrated the Winnie-the-Pooh books. It was enchanting :).

I'd be interested in:
Daisy Chain
Certain Jeopardy
The Centurion's Wife
The Gatekeepers

Thanks for always sharing fun giveaways! My book from you arrived yesterday :).

daniellecentral @

Rel said...

Well, at least Danielle answered my question!!!!! I need your favourite book for 2009, Tracy & alihsee ;-)

And yes, you receive an extra entry if you already follow me!

southeastcountrywife said...

Great, I'm already subscribed so there's one extra entry. alihsee also follows you because of me so that's two extra entries. i'm positive danielle also follows you because of me (you can double-check with her) so that's three extra entries. :D

hmmm, my favourite book for the year...i'm not sure if i've got a favourite but i'll say "breach of trust" by diann mills because that is one that i really liked and was new this year!

i would like to be entered for "Stepping Into the Sunlight" and "Against All Odds" and "Where the Heart Leads" please!

as for the book you sent me, i have a parcel pick-up card sitting here on the table that my housemate brought home tonight so i'm guessing it's your book...and now i have to wait till monday. :( :(

Davo said...

Hi Rel, With studying this year, I haven't finished any books but am really enjoying Waking Lazarus.

Books of interest are
Farraday Road
Dark Pursuit
The Inheritance
Sweet Water Gaps
Against all Odds
Daisy Chain
Stepping into Sunlight
The Centurion's Wife

Fi said...

Hi Rel, my fave book so far this year is 'In the Shadow of Lions' by Ginger Garrett. The books I am interested in are

The Inheritance
Sweet water Gap
Against all Odds
Daisy Chain
Stepping into Sunlight
The Centurion's Wife

Many thanks xo

Angela said...

Thanks Rel, for your generosity in giving away heaps of books, feels like Christmas.... so exciting!

My favourite book so far has been Havah: The Story of Eve by Tosca Lee.

Therefore, since I don't own a copy could you please put me down for that one as well as:

Double Minds
Stepping into Sunlight
Sweetwater Gap

Many Thanks.

Alan said...

Hi Rel,

Angela ( my sister ) sent me a link to your sight ( so that would mean Angela gets a second chance - lucky thing), I won a couple of novels last year from your sight, thank you very much for your generosity, my husband and I have and are enjoying the books that you sent us.

This year I was given a book from my sister in Adelaide called 'The Island' by Victoria Hislop. At first I was not too sure about the book, then the more I read the more I could not put the book down, which is a great thing for someone who was so reluctant to read a book. I really enjoyed the book and am on the look out for the next one called 'The Return'. I would have to say that 'The Island was the best one so far for me this year.

If it would be possible I would like to be put down for the following books.

The Inheritance
Sweetwater Gap
Kiss me if you dare
Against all odds
Daisy Chain

Thank you for letting me enter. I should really subscribe. I will wonder around your site and see if I can just do that.

Have a great weekend


ad said...

What an exciting giveaway,thanks so much Rel.My favourite book for this year is also Havah. Could you please put me douwn for the following books,
Certain Jeopardy
Dark Pursuit
Double Minds
Farraday Road
Against all Odds

Rel said...

Hey Guys,

My conditions of entry for the Winter Warm Up Giveaway appear to have been a little confusing so here is my clarification...I hope!

To receive additional entries, you need to recommend a friend who is not already following or subscribed to Relz Reviewz, not one who already does! Sorry for the confusion. I have a large readership of American and other international book lovers but I would love to see more Aussies appreciating fantastic Christian fiction.

So, you will receive one entry any of the following:~

* posting a comment and telling my your favourite book
* recommending a friend (who is not currently following or subscribed) who then follows or subscribes to Relz Reviewz
* and I'm going to toss in an extra entry for those who already to follow me or subscribe to say thanks!

If you need further clarification, feel free to email me! There are lots of books to be won and some have not received an entry yet so tell your friends about Relz Reviewz so I can give all these books a home :)

I'm enjoying learning about your favourite books, too, so thanks!


Ausjenny said...

this is a hard question there are a few books I have loved this year,
Gingham Mountain by Mary Conneally,
The Red Siren by M.L. Tyndall,
But of the last few I have read I think Robin Shopes Wildcard is my favourite.

Please enter me for
The Inheritance
Where the Heart Leads

I will let my aussie friends know about the giveaway and may put a notice on my blog.
The Centurion's Wife

jaana said...

Thanks for this exciting give-away!

My favourite book I've read this year is A Lady of Secret Devotion by Tracie Peterson.

And here is a list of books I'd like to win from (in order of preference):

1. Havah
2. Michal
3. The Inheritance
4. Beloved Captive
5. The Centurion's Wife
6. A Flickering Light
7. Any one of the others


Tracy said...

See...I missed that little bit of information. That'll teach me for skim reading.

My favourite book so far this year I think might be 'Havah' by Tosca Lee. But I'm sure that's just the most recent one, actually.

alihsee said...

Woops, I didn't tell you my favourite book that I have read this year - it has to be reading Pride & Prejudice, yet again! :)

wendyb said...

Hi, thanks once again for the giveaways. As I was studying for the first half of this year I didn't read very much which is amazing for me so now that the course is completed YEH I'm back into books. I was seriously having withdrawals. One that I did manage to read and really found interesting and thought provoking was The Shack by William P Young.I highly recommend it. The only book I have read from the giveaway list is Havah so I'm happy to get any one of the others. Thanks once again Wendyb

nolene said...

When I initially read this, I thought the book that came to mind was After The Leaves Fall by Nicole Baart. But I have just finished reading The Moment Between also by Nicole Baart and I have to say that it is probably the best for me for this year. It was beautifull!

So the one's I am interested in are:
Kiss Me If You Dare

Double Minds
Sweetwater Gap
Stepping into Sunlight
Daisy Chain

Thanks for entering me

Laetitia :-) said...

OK, now that I've found the correct place to put my bid...

Favourite book read this year - "A Mile in My Flip Flops" by Melody Carlson.

Preferred books - the Robin Jones Gunn one or any of the suspense ones look appealing.

I have now subscribed for e-mail updates.

Oh, and Ausjenny sent me :-) and I'll post about this on my blog.

Leola said...

Hi Rel - what an exciting giveaway!
I have to say my favourite book this year would have to be "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. It was amazing.

Could you please enter me for:
The Inheritance
Beloved Captive
Where the heart leads
Sweetwater gap
Kiss me if you dare
Against all odds
Certain Jeopardy
A flickering light.

Thanks so much! Leola

louise veenstra said...

Hi Rel

My favorite book would have to be either 'castles in the sand' by Sally John
'why the sky is blue'

All the books sound interesting but in particular
The in heritance
Sweet water gap
Daisy chain
Stepping into sunlight
Beloved Captive

Tnaks again
Louise Veenstra

Chloe-Anne =) said...

My favourite book this year, would be a hard choice, it would have to be The Redemption and then The Atonement Child. Please enter me in the following books

Farraday Road
The Inheritance
Sweet Water Gaps
Against all Odds
Daisy Chain
Stepping into Sunlight
The Centurion's Wife

Thank you very much. =D

HeatherH said...

Hi Rel,
I've got a lot of favourites this year... Zora and Nicky by Claudia Mair Burney and Shadow of Colossus by TL Higley. However, the most recent favourite which I read just a few weeks ago was Reconstructing Natalie by Laura Jensen Walker. It was an incredibly enlightening novel about one young woman's journey into and beyond breast cancer.

My contact is heather [at] exemail [dot] com [dot] au and I have an Aussie postal address too.

I'd be interested in any of these books but particularly:
1. Wounded by Claudia Mair Burney,
2. Kiss Me If You Dare by Nicole Young, or
3. Against All Odds by Irene Hannon

Thanks again,
Heather (another one!)

Allison said...

I read Mistaken Identity earlier this year and it truly is an amazing story. The faith that these two families have simply blew me away.
I don't have any particular title that I would like to win, but do like Contemporary, Suspense and Historical!
Thanks Rel. Hope it's not too cold in Melbourne. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi rel, thank you for this book offer :) I am an Aussie in WA and I would love to enter your comp and would be happy with any of your books listed.

The best book i have read this year would be, Pure Gold embracing God's grace by Pam davis.

Ausjenny said to mention her name for sending me here, I guess she wants more opportunities to win :)

Thanks so much.


Jen said...

Oh, how can I choose! Can you put me down for
Sweetwater Gap
Stepping into Sunlight
Certain Jeopody
Daisy Chain
and any others you think I would like please!!!
Favourtie book I have read this year, hmmm, Passion Denied kept me reading til late in the night so I'd have to say that one. Thanks again Rel for all your time and effort put into doing this blog.

Naomi said...

So many cool books and I would be happy with any of them
I can't pick a favourite book I have way too many. I am a total book worm.

Rel said...

Hi All,

Thanks so much for entering with a special welcome to Laetitia and Jennyb :)

I am drawing the winners now using a Random Number Generator - I will post the winners soon :)

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