Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Kiss Me If You Dare by Nicole Young

When readers last saw renovator Tish Amble she was running for her life, her boyfriend Brad left wounded and at the mercy of drug lords in northern Michigan. On Brad's advice, Tish heads for Del Gloria, California, to hide out with an old friend of his--professor Denton Braddock. Tish tries to start a normal life, enrolling in college and working on restoring a block of homes, but her past is catching up with her. Someone is sabotaging her work, and Brad hasn't called in months. Should she return to Michigan to find out what has happened? Or would a homecoming be more painful--and deadly--than she's ready for?

My take:~

Nicole Young's Patricia Amble Mysteries have me hook, line and sinker! The final story in renovator Tish's troubled life keeps the tension from Kill Me If You Can front and centre. Tish has trouble recalling the tragedy that befell her, Brad's fate is a mystery and it seems her past is on the verge of catching up with her in deadly fashion. I must admit to considerable impatience as I read the first half of the book as I desperately wanted to reconnect Tish and Brad but the mystery is woven deeply as Tish struggles to adjust to her new life. Nicole concludes this wonderful series in a satisfying way and I hope she has more great stories to come.
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nolene said...

Yay!I am glad this one is finally on its way. I enjoyed the other two books immensly and am looking forward to the conclusion. The story has certainly left us hanging out for the end!

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