Friday, 5 June 2009

Friendship Friday ~ What do you value in your close friendships with women?

Marlo Schalesky

What I value most is friends who can speak the truth in love, friends who say what they mean and mean what they say. I love being able to be open, honest, and genuine with friends, and having them be the same. It may be because I’m a fiction writer, but I love it when friends have their own unique character/personality traits, quirks, and m
annerisms – and they allow themselves to be themselves, not trying to “fit in” and be like everyone else. It’s friends like that who I love walking with on my life journey with God.

If Tomorrow Never Comes ~ Beyond the Night ~ Empty Womb, Aching Heart

Ann Shorey

I most value the understanding and trust that exists with my close women friends. It takes a woman to understand a woman! One friend especially has walked with me through grief--when my husband and then my precious younger sister died--and through joy--when I met and married Richard. She got tears in her eyes when I received my author copies of my first novel! We've been sisters in heart for more than twenty years.

The Edge of Light


Kelli Standish said...

And speaking of sisters of the heart, both these ladies are fabulous!

Ann Shorey said...

Thanks, Kelli! So are you. :-)

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