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Special Character Spotlight ~ Nicole Young's Tish Amble

Today the spotlight shines on..............................................................Tish Amble

Nicole Young has brilliantly combined her love of renovation and writing in her debut series, the Patricia Amble Mysteries. I loved the first two books in the series and will soon let you know my thoughts on the third, the just released Kiss Me If You Dare.

Tish is a fabulous character, searching for redemption from her past while trying to avoid the dead bodies that seem to plague her renovation projects.

Enjoy this insider's look at Tish:~

Brief physical description

Tish Amble is one of those women who is beautiful without knowing it. Frizzy ends add body to shoulder length auburn hair. Her eyes are a shiny green when the sun hits them, but she’s completely unaware of their glow and considers them as bland as pea soup. She’s proud of being thin and toned, but dresses herself in baggy hand-me-downs. She has no idea that a natty potato sack would look good on her.

The one man Tish can't get off her mind is would-have-been fiancé Brad Walters. A small-town police officer, Brad is tall, muscular, and full of love and laughter. Tish especially loves his soft brown eyes that crinkle in the corners when he smiles. He adds stability to her sometimes chaotic life, unless he's the one driving her crazy. There just isn't an actor out there who does Brad justice. Can anyone picture Vin Diesel with hair?

Rel: Ooo, I really like Vin as Brad - hair or no hair!!

Actor/famous person who might resemble her

Drew Barrymore comes to mind when I’m thinking of the lovely Patricia Louise Amble. The actress and the character share that endearing, and annoying, insecurity suffered by beautiful women.

Strengths and weaknesses

Tish is stronger than she realizes. She survived a tragic childhood with pizzazz and even found the silver lining in her short stint in prison. But the savvy home renovator spends too much energy condemning herself for things out of her control.

Quirk (if any)

Tish has a rough time making good choices. Raised by an alcoholic grandfather and his domineering wife, the heroine has no good example with which to gauge her decisions. What to most people seems like a no-brainer leaves Tish baffled and confused.

Your inspiration for the character

I drew from the well of personal experience as I developed the character of Patricia Amble, especially when it came to her career choice. I love old homes and wanted to share that passion in my first mystery series. Reaching back to my first home renovation project, I set the turn-of-the-century home, purchased by Tish Amble in Love Me If You Must, in the fictitious town of Rawlings, Michigan. She moves to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in Kill Me If You Can, living in a log cabin that resembles one I once called home.

In Kiss Me If You Dare, Tish has a row of bungalows, inspired by those in San Juan Capistrano, California, a favorite vacation destination, to restore for a college project.

Background to Kiss Me If You Dare

Renovator-on-the-run Patricia Amble hides out in sunny California as she waits for the okay to return home to Michigan. Orphaned at age seven when her mother crashed her pick-up into the old quarry, Tish already had enough drama to last a lifetime. But with nothing better to do while she endures the silence of her would-have-been fiancé Brad Walters, Tish tries again to complete her college degree. Her last shot at a Bachelor of Arts ended when she landed in prison. But that was more than a decade ago. California brings a fresh start. So why does it seem like the trail of dead bodies plaguing her life has followed her from the north woods to the west coast?

Visit the author’s web page for more information:

Thanks Nicole :) Appreciate the insight and it makes me look forward to reading Tish's final story even more!

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Deborah said...

ok what's funny is i can't remember who i've been picturing Tish as but I did NOT think of Vin Disel at all for brad!!! lol that is totally not my image of him at all.

i really enjoy the character spotlights when the cover of the books does not show the picture of the character. that way you can imagine them anyway you want to. and often it's NOT what the author had in mind!

Edna said...

This author aeems to be a great writter, the story sound interesting and her personality is great. Yes she sure looks like Drew Barrymore. I would love to win one of her books if you will please add me in the contest.


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