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Character Spotlight ~ Robin Lee Hatcher's Guinevere Arlington & Morgan McKinley

Today the spotlight shines on......................... Guinevere Arlington & Morgan McKinley

Robin Lee Hatcher has been writing prolifically for many years and hasn't for a second, lost her touch! Whether it is historical romance, contemporary women's fiction or even, no doubt a shopping list, Robin is an expert wordsmith and her characters shine! Enjoy an insider look into her latest release, the first in her Sisters of Bethlehem Springs series, A Vote of Confidence.

Thanks Robin:~

Brief physical description

Gwen Arlington is unusually beautiful and very much a woman with all the
requisite curves. She has long blond hair and blue eyes.

Morgan McKinley is tall, handsome, with black hair and brown eyes.

If I were casting a movie of my book, Gwen would be played by Reese Witherspoon and Morgan would be played by Richard Armitage.

Strengths and weaknesses

Gwen is educated, intelligent, and fiercely independent. She has learned to guard that independence and refuses to become a silent, pret
ty decoration on the arm of a man who only wants to show her off to others. She has a deep faith in God, but she needs to learn to trust Him with all parts of her life.

Morgan is wealthy, compassionate, and determined. He's had his heart broken by a woman who w
as only after his fortune and doesn't mean to let that happen again.

Your inspiration for the character

My characters are such individual people in my minds, I can't say they ar
e inspired by anyone except who they are. Gwen and Morgan simply walked into my mind and onto the page as unique individuals.

to the story

When Gwen Arlington was two years old, her mother left her husband and went to live with
her parents in New Jersey, taking Gwen with her and leaving behind Gwen's fraternal twin sister, Cleo. Once Gwen was an adult, she returned to Idaho to visit her father and sister and decided to stay. She writes for the newspaper and gives piano lessons. She is happy and content. But when the only candidate running for mayor is the town drunk, Gwen is challenged to run for office herself. With the encouragement of her father and sister, she decides to do it. She loves Bethlehem Springs and wants to serve the people of the town.

Morgan McKinley came to Idaho to build a health resort at the hot spr
ings north of Bethlehem Springs. Although he bought a home in town, he's rarely been seen for the past year. But he keeps running into roadblocks by unhelpful town and county officials, and when he learns there is only one unpopular person running for mayor, he decides that he'll run for office and push through his own agenda for change. Both Morgan and Gwen are surprised to learn they have a real opponent in the race for mayor and both are determined to win. But eventually they begin to wonder if they would make better allies than adversaries.

Just lovely, Robin! I will quite enjoy imagining Richa
rd as Morgan when I read this story ~ LOL! He is one of my favourite actors.

Next Monday the spotlight shines on Sibella Giorello's Raleigh Harm
on from The Rivers Run Dry ~ really interesting!

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Deborah said...

LOL!! Richard Artimage! I'm sure you got a kick out of that. I'm not sure who I pictured. Somebody with scruff though..

Renee said...

Okay I haven't read the book yet but if it's ever made into a movie I want to see it!!!I love Robin's other books so I'm sure this is great. And Richard Armitage is soooo dreamy and we already know what he looks like in period costume (North and South, Robin Hood)...yummy ;-) I'm sure he'd be perfect in the role!

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