Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Wagered Heart by Robin Lee Hatcher

"I'll wager you five dollars I can get him to come to church within thirty days."

Pouting from being removed by her parents from the proper society she enjoyed in Philadelphia, Bethany Silverton is hardly enamoured with her family's final destination ~ Sweetwater, Montana. A town of wild cowboys, darkened saloons and, until the Silverton's arrival, bereft of a church or pastor.

Yet with one glance at rancher Hawk Chandler's enigmatic eyes and fine form, Bethany determines that her life is not over after all! When Hawk turns down her invitation to attend her father's new church, Bethany's competitive streak kicks in and an innocent wager with her friend Ingrid starts a chain of events that transform their lives forever.

Robin Lee Hatcher's latest offering is a romance reader's delight! The romantic tension between Hawk and Bethany ignites on their first meeting and doesn't let up until the final page. While the outcome is a forgone conclusion, Robin's talent with the written word and her unerring ability to create engaging characters, sets this story apart from most other historical romances. Hawk and Bethany's journey is fraught with misunderstandings, personal tragedy and the schemes of a treacherous man adding excitement to a tale that overflows with simmering attraction and blossoming love. Interspersed with humour and electrifying dialogue, Wagered Heart is a summer treat not to be missed.

Available June, 2008 from Zondervan

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Ausjenny said...

This looks like a good read.

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