Monday, 12 May 2008

Notes from a Spinning Planet .. Mexico by Melody Carlson ~ Chloe-Anne's Take

Maddie Chase has been invited to go on yet another journey with her Aunt Sid, except this time it's a vacation! Instead of staying at home in the middle of a freezing cold winter, Maddie and Sid are going to go to the nice and sunny beaches of San Lucas in Mexico.

After arriving Sid and Maddie receive the news that Ian and Ryan will be joining them on their vacation. Maddie is very happy to learn that she will be enjoying her holiday with a very close friend. Things don't go as Maddie would of liked, Ryan meets his old high school crush Shelby and starts spending time with her. Maddie can't help but feel jealous of this girl as she is everything a guy would want, pretty and smart.

Then Maddie meets Francesca and is bothered by the fact that a native girl who is so nice and has so many good qualities is working at such a rundown hotel. Maddie doesn't know why Francesca is working so hard but still living in poverty, but Maddie is sure determined to help out and to change Francesca's life forever.

During all of these activities, Maddie starts to worry about Shelby and her problem that she seems oblivious to. Will Maddie put her jealousy aside and help her in time before something drastic happens?

Mexico is the exciting third book in the series of Notes from a Spinning Planet from Melody Carlson. Maddie is a wonderful character who cares about anyone in need. Even though she struggles through lots of things she still manages to stay close to God and does everything for Him. Maddie tries to show God's love to others and does this when she helps Francesca.

God wants us to show his love to others even when things don't seem right to us and to know that God's plan always works out in the long run. Maddie learns to trust Him when Shelby starts to hang out with all of them and gets Ryan's undivided attention. Even though Maddie isn't happy about it she gives it up to God and trusts him to work it out. In the end God does work it out and He uses Maddie to impact Shelby's life.

Available now from Waterbrook Multnomah

Guest reviewer: teen Chloe~Anne


Fiona said...

Well done, Chloe-Anne!!!!

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