Thursday, 8 May 2008

Black Sea Affair by Don Brown

The theft of nuclear waste, a rogue Russian freighter and a a top secret mission with minimal hope of success, take the United States and Russia to the brink of nuclear destruction.

US Submarine Commander Pete Miranda is selected to lead a high risk attack on a Russian freighter in the treacherous Black Sea, believed to be carrying the missing nuclear waste. Pete and his crew of submariners have been hand picked for the mission which will lead them into waters never before traversed by the Navy - a mission whether successful or not, that will remain secret.

When the best laid plans go awry and Pete's conscience and compassion get the better of him, he ends up facing a Russian military trial for his efforts. Renowned JAG Officer Zack Brewer is called to defend him but even he may be unable to save Pete from a Siberian prison.

Don Brown's latest military thriller takes a different angle than his previous books, Treason, Hostage and Defiance. Black Sea Affair introduces Commander Pete Miranda, the Los Angeles-class submarine, the USS Honolulu, and her dedicated crew. Most of the story takes place on the submarine providing significant detail regarding the life of a submariner and the particular risks faced by such sailors. Political manoeuvring takes place in the Russian and American capitals as each president suspects the other of warmongering as hidden terrorists carry out their deadly plans. I was a little surprised that Black Sea Affair does not continue Zack Brewer and Lieutenant Colcernian's story nor is there the previous books' emphasis on the legal proceedings. Zack does appear towards the end of the novel but this is primarily a Naval story about a submarine commander, his crew who have their mission complicated by some orphan children and a young Russian woman whose faith may make all the difference. Pete is in many ways a broken man, however his shortcomings don't lessen his commitment to his crew, the Navy and his country. He is a great counterpoint to Zack Brewer's seemingly flawless nature in the previous three novels. I am hoping this is not the last story about Commander Pete Miranda. Any reader with an interest in naval operations who loves a tense and fast paced read will be enthralled by Black Sea Affair.

Releasing May, 2008 from Zondervan.

Read my review of Defiance here.

I read Treason and Hostage before I was reviewing ~ I highly recommend them both.


Davo said...

This is yet another one on my purchase list, loved the first three books and so far this one sounds great! Might need to request a loan on this one! Don't know weather I can wait to buy it!

Rel said...

You Navy guys are all the same - LOL!!!

No problem on the loan :)

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