Thursday, 29 May 2008

Deep In The Heart of Trouble by Deeanne Gist

Flamboyant Essie Spreckelmeyer from Courting Trouble is back with fussier hats, abundant bloomers and her overworked independent streak! While Judge Spreckelmeyer continues to grieve the loss of his wife, Essie has taken the helm of his Sullivan Oil interests while continuing her duties as founder and active member of the Corsicana Velocipede Club. With no time on her hands for courting and with the knowledge her thirty fourth birthday is around the corner, Essie has resigned herself to the life of spinsterhood, albeit a very full and fulfilling one!

Licking his wounds from the shock of being disinherited by his father, the owner of Morgan Oil, Tony Morgan reverts to his mother's name of Bryant and arrives in Corsicana hoping for a job in Spreckelmeyer's oil fields. Aghast at finding a woman in charge, especially one who dislikes him on sight, Tony determines to make the most of it. Little does he know that Essie's spunk and unusual behaviour will become more and more appealing until his heart is the one that is in trouble!

Delightfully entertaining with characters that light up the pages and a plot that entrances, Deep In the Heart of Trouble is a treat to be savoured. Gone is the meek and mild historical woman and in her place is Essie Sprecklemeyer, opinionated and headstrong yet with a vulnerability from the hurts of her past and her desire to follow God and not stumble again. Tony Morgan is just the foil for Essie, dedicated and hard working with an admirable devotion to his mother and sister, yet with his own struggles with pride and anger against his father and conniving brother, Darius. Essie and Tony's attraction fires on all cylinders making this a fun and engaging read. As their secrets are revealed, hurt and anger flow with the authenticity I have come to expect from Deeanne Gist. If that is not enough, humour abounds as the Velocipede Club's sleuthing skills come to the fore. Do yourself a favour and add Deep In the Heart of Trouble to your keeper's shelf.

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Unknown said...

Rel do you need to read the first 2 books to read this one?
I have number one but haven't read it yet.

Rel said...

You need to read Courting Trouble before Deep in the Heart of Trouble as they follow on.

Dee's other books A Bride Most Begrudging and The Measure of a Lady are both stand alones.

Anonymous said...

I have this book and now I want to read it!

Tracy said...

I'm looking forward to #2. Courting Trouble was so entertaining. I loved the character of Essie!

Anonymous said...

Can I please borrow Rel?

Unknown said...

Another smashing review. Dang, girl, you know how to write them! :) This is another finalist. I keep waiting for you to write a lousy review. So far... NO.

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