Friday, 30 May 2008

Love's Unfolding Dream

Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly series comes to life again in the sixth installment, Love's Unfolding Dream.

Belinda, Missie's adopted daughter is determined to fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor despite the obstacles in her way. The town's physician, Doc Jackson, has a soft spot for Belinda but is dead set against her pursuing a career in medicine. When a wealthy widow falls ill, Doc has no choice but to allow Belinda to assist with her care, giving Belinda a glimmer of hope.

New York lawyer, Drew Simpson, arrives in Belinda's hometown to settle a relative's estate and discovers physical work can be just as rewarding as intellectual pursuits. Drew is intrigued by Belinda's compassion and spirit but unable to reconcile her desire to be a doctor with his belief of a woman's place in life.

Love's Unfolding Dream is a charming story and my favourite of the Love Comes Softly films. Scout Taylor-Compton is the stand out performer bringing a sincerity and vibrancy to Belinda. Despite feeling Patrick Levis was a bit youthful in his role as Drew, his portrayal of the successful young lawyer faced with a close knit country community was engaging. Robert Pine was a perfect fit as Doc Jackson and the other characters well cast. The difficulties faced by women of the time in pursuing a career let alone one in the male domain gave great substance to the story and Belinda's journey of discovery held challenges and joys. Yes, there are differences to Janette Oke's novels but if you want an uplifting film that the whole family can be entertained an encouraged by, you can't go wrong with Love's Unfolding Dream.

Available now on DVD from Amazon and Koorong (Aust)


Ausjenny said...

Oh I cant wait to get this dvd hopefully in Canada. I have all the other 5 and love them. only issue is even from Koorong they are all region 1 so you need a universal dvd player to watch them.

Tracy said...

I found that same problem Ausjenny. Fortunately with a change of tv, my dvd player is now very happy to play it!

The only thing about these dvd's is that they are changing some major things. Belinda is actually Clark & Marty's surprise child when they're a little older, in the books. It makes me wonder why the change?

However, I am trying very hard to overlook these things and enjoy the movies anyway.

Ausjenny said...

Tracy I agree
Yes a lot has changed like the names of some of the kids. the 4th one about Missy and the grieving she did that didn't happen. but i guess they cant put it all into a movie but I still love them and I have found people are now wanting to read the series after watching the dvd.

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