Friday, 9 May 2008

Mesi by Pam Davis ~ EJ's Take

Mesi is a book written for young girls by Pam Davis in the Girls 'n Grace Collection.

Mesi is a 10-year-old girl living in Africa. She has a brother named Kojo, sister named Jamilah and a best friend called Kwasi. Kwasi goes to school and Mesi desperately wants to but her parents can’t afford it after a drought strikes and Mesi’s family cocoa field fails causing them to be poor.

Mesi is a exciting story crammed with a drought, a durbar, a wise lady, a fire and a corn doll named Toolie! I personally think the little story is fun and fascinating in different ways and really told me about some African customs and everyday life.

The story also reminded me to trust God even in the hardest of situations.

At the end of the book, there are real life pictures and facts of African life in villages and the person who inspired the character 'Miss Ama', Bathsheba.

Mesi is a short story that is easy to read yet the storyline is substantial enough for girls a bit older.

Available now from Authentic Books.

Guest reviewer: my 10 year old, EJ


Tracy said...

Great review EJ! The book sounds really interesting this MK gal.

Angela said...

It sounds kinda serious with not a lot of action to interest a boy (for those types of boys that like the gross, toilet humor & super hero drama) to read it, is this a fair comment?

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