Friday, 2 March 2007

Courting Trouble by Deeanne Gist

4 Stars

Corsicana, Texas ~ 1894

Essie Spreckelmeyer is as awkward as her cumbersome name. Tall and gangly, outspoken and impulsive and, God forbid, unmarried at the spinsterly age of thirty!

When Essie decides God has failed her in the marriage stakes she determines to acquire a husband herself and plans a bold pursuit of one of the few eligible bachelors in her home town. Sadly, Essie is no more successful until a handsome cowboy assists her in recovering a live mouse she intends feeding to her pet snake! More than the mouse is set quivering!

Essie is both delighted and perplexed with this turn of events and finds herself experiencing feelings and desires previously unknown leaving her with a dilemma she is not sure how to resolve.

Deeanne Gist's latest novel, Courting Trouble, is stamped with her trademark humour and quirky characters. Deeanne creates great empathy for Essie, desperately wanting a husband yet with a personality and inquisitive nature that just doesn't conform to society's strict rules of etiquette particularly for women. Deeanne bravely addresses the reality many face when a desperation to be loved and desire combine but reminds us of what God's forgiveness really means. My one regret with this story is it's brevity but I take heart that a promised sequel to Essie's story will ease that! Write quickly please, Deeanne!

Courting Trouble will be released in June, 2007 by Bethany House.


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