Thursday, 22 March 2007

Coral Moon by Brandilyn Collins

5 Stars

From a hot tub in Violet Dawn to a daisy imprinted bright yellow Volkswagen in Coral Moon, bodies are piling up in Kanner Lake! Journalist, Leslie Brymes is about to find herself embroiled in what could be the biggest story of her career yet the first one she plans to avoid.

A killer is hiding in peaceful Kanner Lake and evil is casting its shadow over this close knit community, threatening to instill fear and distrust among friends and enemies alike. Leslie is overwhelmed with guilt and confusion when notes appear holding her responsible for the deaths. When the evidence points to an unthinkable murderer, Leslie digs deeper, uncovering spiritual forces at work and decides to fight with her faith in God and an unexpected ally.

Brandilyn Collins has added extra octane to this thriller which will draw you in from the first page leaving you exhausted yet amazed and satisfied with her evocative language, intelligent plot and memorable characters. With a deft hand Brandilyn adds a new and subtle dimension to her developing character stories with a glimpse of unrequited love - can't wait for that to play out in the further stories of Kanner Lake. Next up, Crimson Eve, releasing September, 2007 (US) by Zondervan.

Be sure to check out Brandilyn's website and her fabulous blogs, Scenes & Beans and Forensics & Faith.


Jenny said...

Brandilyn is one of my favorite authors - I'm looking forward to the rest of the Kanner Lake series. :)

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