Friday, 17 April 2009

Some books I can't wait for....

Some more tempting literary treats coming our way!

No offense to Sara Evans (I had never heard of her before!) but it is Rachel's name that has me waiting impatiently for The Sweet By and By ;-)

John's book is going to one amazing and mind boggling read!

Don't shoot the messenger on the long wait for Erynn's next heroine, Maya Davis ~ it will be this time next year all too soon!

AND...I really can't wait to read Thirsty and see how Tracey turns her hand to suspense!

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek.....
any take your fancy?!

The Sweet By and By by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck

Jade Fitzgerald left the pain of her past in the dust when she headed out for college a decade ago. Now she's thriving in her career and glowing in the light of Max Benson's love.

But then Jade's hippie mother, Beryl Hill, arrives in Whisper Hollow, Tennessee, for Jade's wedding along with Willow, her wild younger sister. Their arrival forces Jade to throw open the dark closets of her past--the insecurity of living with a restless, wandering mother, the silence of her absent father, and the heart-ripping pain of first-love's rejection.

Turns out Beryl has a secret of her own. She needs reconciliation with her oldest daughter before illness takes her life. In the final days leading to the wedding, Jade meets the One who shows her that the past has no hold on her future. With a little grace, they'll meet in the middle, maybe even before that sweet by and by.

Releasing Summer (US) 2009 from Thomas Nelson

Powers by John B Olson

Powers is an intense supernatural thriller about Mariutza, a Gypsy girl, who ventures into the world of men – a world she’s never encountered before - in search of the mythical hero of her grandfather’s bedtime stories, Jaazaniah the Prophet. As events unfold, Mari and Jazz are inexorably drawn together - until they must join forces in a race against a power…a darkness…that threatens not just them, but countless others.

Together they must fight and overcome – and learn how to trust when it seems the greatest mistake of all.

Releasing December, 2009 from B&H Fiction

Cool Beans b
y Erynn Mangum

Everything seems to be going perfectly for Maya Davis – she’s got a good job at a coffee shop, loving parents and is happily single. At least until her best frie
nd unknowingly starts dating Maya’s high school sweetheart, her annoyingly perfect brother moves back to town and her coworker starts showing interest in her.

Apparently God’s will for her is to spend her days commiserating over ice cream – or does He have more to teach her?

Releasing April, 2010 from NavPress

Thirsty by Tracey Bateman

“Hello, I’m Nina Parker…and I’m an alcoholic.”

For Nina, even in recovery, the truth of the declaration has demolished her hopes and condemned her to return to the town she ran away from nearly two decades earlier–Abbey Hills, Missouri. But the place she once called home is no safe haven.

A ritualistic-style murder. Animals
disappearing from the Ozark reserve where Nina works, and turning up slaughtered. And someone–or some thing–watching Nina. Wanting her. Stalking her with a 250-year-old desire that burns like a raging wildfire.

Nina’s ex-husband Hunt shows up, hoping to protect Nina and Megan, the angry teenage daughter who followed her to Missouri. But another man has entered the picture, testing Nina as she attempts to walk the tightrope of recovery–and the power of thirst. Much more than Nina Parker’s love hangs in the balance. The battle between love and obsession is destined to unfold to its startling, unforgettable end.

Releasing October, 2009 from
Waterbrook Multnomah


Deborah said...


Jenny said...

You took the words right out of my mouth, Deborah! Good to see a new one from Tracey Bateman.

Anonymous said...

can't wait for erynn mangum's new series to start!!!! so loved all the miss match books! i will read anything she writes in future. :)

Tracy said...

I'm looking forward to 'Cool Beans' too. I love Erynn's witty and hilarious style. She is always sure to make me laugh.

Nora St. Laurent said...

Thanks for letting us know what's ahead. I love the covers to these books. You always do a great job of letting us know whats up in the Christian Fiction World.


Nora :D

Paul Rose said...

Hopefully, John Olson's follow up to "Shade" will reflect his 10 years more experience he gained, especially from collaborating with Randall Ingermanson. That should make Powers a truly great speculative fiction novel, on the order of Ted Dekker and Robin Parrish.

Speaking of Robin, I'm really looking forward to Offworld, Parrish's novel about the first manned mission to Mars, who returns to Earth to find it EMPTY. Looks fantastic.

Nicole said...

Thirsty has a great cover and sounds like a compelling read.

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