Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Secret by Beverly Lewis ~ Tracy's Take

What is it about?

Grace Byler’s family seems to be a typical hard-working, God-fearing Amish family. But just beneath the surface, lurk secrets that threaten their otherwise peaceful life. Grace and her siblings wonder why their mother, Letti, restlessly wanders outside at night and why their father, Judah, is so withdrawn. When Letti suddenly disappears one night leaving only a note, Grace’s world is thrown into turmoil. As she starts to ask questions and voice her concerns, her mother’s secrets slowly begin to unravel.

Heather Nelson is shocked by her doctor’s diagnosis. Refusing to believe it could be true, she decides to take her English thesis work and escape to Bird-in-Hand to get away from things at home for a while and finish her work in relative peace.

What I thought:

Beverley Lewis’s first book of her new ‘Seasons of Grace’ series, ‘The Secret’ is the tip of the iceberg that will no doubt be a wonderful new series. Beverley carefully ensconces the reader into Grace’s family in Bird-in-Hand before she begins weaving the threads of this tale of secrets.

Beverley’s strong character development ensures that the reader is quickly invested in the story. Grace is a young lady full of depth and courage and is aptly named. She is graceful and exudes a wisdom born out of a deep love for her family. It is Grace who keeps the family together when everything around them, including her father, begins to fall apart. Judah, is an interesting and perplexing character. One can’t help but wonder why he is so reluctant and resistant to sharing himself with the ones he loves.

Heather’s inclusion in the story seems, at first, completely unrelated. By the end of the book the two plots are merged, but her journey is just beginning. I felt drawn to Heather and her plight and can’t wait to get to her know better in coming books.

My one despair with this new series? That it will be quite some months before the next book comes out and I can delve deeper into what drives these charming and engaging characters! I am desperate to know the outcome of Letti’s journey and what will happen to Heather. Will Letti return home, and will she be received with open arms or will she be banned by her Old Order church before she accomplishes what she has set out to do?

Guest reviewer:~ my friend Tracy from Beyond My Picket Fence

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