Monday, 13 April 2009

A message to my readers from Tracy Higley....on location!

Here is a video worth watching from Tracy Higley the author of the amazing Seven Wonders novels, with a special message for my readers!

City of the Dead is a fabulous book ~ read my review here.

I'd love for you to post a comment and be in with a chance to win the books Tracy is offering :)

A big thank you to Tracy for her fun efforts!


Tracy said...

How amazing to be standing in such an ancient place in the midst of modern times. I can't begin to imagine how that must feel. I'm sure 'City of the Dead' is all the more incredible for your hands-on research Tracy!

Rel, very exciting for you to have such a special in-person message from Tracy :)

I can't wait to read 'City of the Dead'. If it's anywhere even close to as good as 'Shadow of Colossus' it will be an amazing journey embedded in skillfully written story.

Anonymous said...

"City of the Dead" sounds a fascinating read. It must have been very exciting for Tracy to visit the very area on which her book is based, making the story so much more authentic and credible.

Looking forward to an opportunity to read "City of the Dead".

Jenny (gjculver)

Anonymous said...

How fantastic would it be to read a book set around the only remain Ancient Wonder in the world, I mean Egypt is such a historical place and the idea for a novel set against the pyrimids is just so fascinating.

I think that it's a great idea for Tracey to visit the place where her novel takes place so she can get a feel for what it would have been like back in ancient times.

Can't wait to read 'City of the Dead'

Sheryle (moyle)

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