Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Sweetwater Gap by Denise Hunter and Aussie Giveaway

Josie Mitchell has been running from her past for years but for the sake of her sister she just might let it catch her.

Summoned by a desperate call from her brother in law, Nate, Josie reluctantly returns to Sweetwater Gap to assist with the harvest and ensure her pregnant sister Laurel takes it easy leading up to the birth of her twins. Hiding the real reason for her return, the hope that she can talk her sister into selling the orchard, Josie eases back into the life she loved but can no longer enjoy.

As Josie keeps her own dark secret from her family, she finds herself at odds with the new orchard manager, the brooding Grady Mackenzie, a man who dislikes Josie from the start with his own axe to grind.

As they battle frost and financial difficulties together, Josie and Grady begin to uncover each other’s secrets which have the power to draw them together or wrench them apart.

Sweetwater Gap is another triumph for Denise Hunter. A poignant story, complete with beautiful prose, rich characters and a unique allegory of God’s sacrifice and forgiveness, which I recommend without hesitation. Having raised the bar with her romantic allegory, The Convenient Groom, I had high expectations for Sweetwater Gap and Denise delivers. Delving deeply into the issues of forgiveness, prejudice and sacrifice, this emotive story engages the mind and touches the heart. Denise has perfected the art of allegory and the message of Jesus' sacrifice and God's forgiving heart unfold clearly. I can't wait for more books like Sweetwater Gap from this fabulous writer.

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Aussie Giveaway

I am thrilled to have a copy of Sweetwater Gap to giveaway to one of my Australian readers. To enter:~

Post a comment before midnight Sunday 15th February, telling me your favourite fruit, given that Sweetwater Gap is set in an orchard!

You must have an Aussie mailing address and leave contact details to be eligible to win :)

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for an Aussie giveaway!

I love peaches!


Okay, you get the idea.

Deborah @ Comfort Joy Designs

Jewelz said...

Cool! This sounds like a great book!
I love mangoes, and strawberries, and nectarines :)
joyfuljewelz (at) gmail.com

Beth said...

Hmm ... favorite fruit ...
... they don't usually grow on a tree or in an orchards, but they are so yummy! We have some in our garden and have been harvesting them a few at a time over the past few weeks.
I've been waiting for this book for a while, ever since Denise had people voting on the cover over on the 'Girls Write Out' blog.


Tracy said...

Oh dear, just one?

I developed a love for stone fruit when I was a kid because we never saw it when we lived in the tropics.

I'm going to go for two:

White nectarines and guavas. One from each place I've lived in.

Scrambled Dregs said...

Thanks for dropping by. Yes, yes on the Gallimore review. Whenever you get to it is great.

Thanks, Rel


Naomi said...

I love watermelon.

Sounds like a good book Rel.

I think you have my contact details.

Anonymous said...

Good book and Ihave to say that I love Peaches!

Anonymous said...

Raspberries, strawberries, apples, nectarines....hard to choose just one I'm sorry!
Sounds like a great book Rel - please enter me in the draw! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Mangoes are my favourite.Please enter me in the draw as I'm desperate for some reading!!!

Anonymous said...

Toss up between mango and raspberries. Yum. Thanks again Rel

Allison said...

If I had to pick one favourite fruit, I guess it would be bananas - which is a wonderful thing because they are pretty much available all year!

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that my favourie fruit is a melon. Not much can beat that except maybe bananas or strawberries. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

I just love apricots and I love this author.

Anonymous said...

My favourite fruit is a big, juicy peach.

Anonymous said...

Can't beat homegrown fruit and this year we had the most beutiful peacherines(1/2 peach, 1/2 nectarine) so juicy and yummy. Grat review Enter me please Wendyb

Anonymous said...

my favorite fruit would be berries of any kind, we have a berry farm near by and nothing beats picking your own blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, yum! Sounds like an interesting book, maybe they might have some good baby names for the twins which may help me out. Louise
By the way narelle have you reviewed Melody Carsons "The other side of darkness"? i saw it in the latestest koorong catalogue and was thinking of buying it, it sounded like a good read,

Rel said...

Umm....twins????? I hadn't heard that - congratulations :)

I haven't read The Other Side of Darkness yet but heard it is good but intense.

Book Review Sisters said...

Hi there,
This is a great review! Sweet Water Gap is my favourite Denise Hunter book.

Book Review Sisters

Rel said...

Hi Jess,

Thanks for dropping by! I think The Convenient Groom is my favourite but I have loved them all :)

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