Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Blessed by Lisa Tawn Bergren


The fellowship of the Gifted is thirteen in number-each possessing their own divine purpose and spiritual gift, each forging ahead as catalysts for a 14th-century war waged between lightness and dark. Among them are Sir Gianni de Capezzano and Daria d'Angelo, in pursuit of new goals: to face the Church-and avoid being burned at the stake-and to find Hasani, their seer, abducted in Venezia, as well as the last of the prophesied Gifted. Without Hasani's visions of what lies before them, Gianni and Daria face an uncertain future blind, trailed by the enemy, and left with only one recourse for sanctuary.

As protectors in this dangerous and unpredictable land, the lords of Les Baux have offered their fortress as protection. And behind the walls of the wondrous Castle Les Baux, Gianni and Daria find a brief respite and at long last, love. Yet they are constantly led forward, emboldened to risk the enemy who hunts them. Their enemy is fearsome-promising that the Gifted will know sorrow, will know fear, and ultimately, defeat. But the future of those in God's hand will not be thwarted, and the Gifted embark on a treacherous journey out of hell's reach and into their blessed destiny.

My take:~

The final tale in Lisa Tawn Bergren's epic trilogy of The Gifted, is storytelling at it very best. With a medieval setting and heroic battle between good and evil, Lisa delves into the depths of human emotions and creates a journey for her characters with contemporary relevance and meaning. Each characters' strengths and flaws are laid bare with unparalleled characterisation as they search for truth and face paralysing fears with only their faith to sustain them. Gianni and Daria's awkward steps towards love, Hasani's tragic imprisonment and little Tessa's gift of discernment had my heart pumping with joy, heartache and anticipation. Lisa draws their nemesis, Abramo Amidei, with equal depth, a mesmerising man intent on evil and a chilling reminder of men today who seek power and wealth with tyrannical indifference. The elegant prose and swiftly moving plot are equally matched by the spiritual depth of this tale.

The Blessed is a wonderful conclusion to this captivating and challenging trilogy that deserves to sit alongside Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion trilogy as both captivating and life changing reading.

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Lisa Tawn Bergren said...

Thanks so much for your kind words. And I've always adored Frani's Mark of the Lion Series--so to have this series mentioned along with hers made my day!

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