Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Book Trailer for T L Higley's City of the Dead

Tracy Higley's Shadow of Colossus launched our book club discussion for 2009! We had a great time on Friday night talking about Tessa and Nikos, the fears that drive us to act in certain ways, ancient history and feeling trapped by our circumstances. It was a fabulous selection :)

I have had the privilege of reading Tracy's second Seven Wonders novel, City of the Dead and am happy to say it is as equally fabulous, if not even more so!

Hang in there until March, 2009 when it releases from B&H Publishing but do check out the trailer below:~


Kim said...

I loved City of the Dead!!! Higley really takes you back to a specific time and place in her writing! This entire series promises great things!

HeatherH said...

March still seems so far away! Loved Shadow of Colossus. Looking forward to this one too. Book trailers have got to be one of the best inventions of recent years! I've bought so many books based on the trailers I've seen on your site that I would probably have walked past in the shop when just the spine is visible. Especially if the title's not overly attention-grabbing.

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