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Character Spotlight ~ Rachel Hauck's Aubrey James

Today the spotlight shines on....................................Aubrey James and Scott Vaughn

What can I say? I love Rachel Hauck ~ her books, her integrity and her beautiful nature all reflect the love of her Father and His son, Jesus! If you haven't read Rachel's books, what are you waiting for??!! Thanks Rach:~

Brief physical description:

Aubrey is sort of a Faith Hill meets Amy Grant. At least that's what I pictured when writing her. She's tall, thin, long thick golden hair, expressive eyes. Sort of the delicate beauty type. I had to take into account the pressure of celebrity on a

woman's appearance.

Scott Vaughn, who has a point of view in this story, is the athletic type, but not necessary the gorgeous jock type. He's average looking but with an enormous heart and eye for the soul of a person. He's really likable. And he's romantic.

Rel:~ Michael Vartan is often my choice for the likeable guy and his character in Alias even had the same surname as Scott!

Strengths and weaknesses:

Aubrey's strength is overcome controversy and extreme heartache. Her weaknesses is she's hidden some part of her heart of reality. She doesn't drive. She makes wrong romantic choices.

She's also extremely generous, and kind. I saw her as a careful cel
ebrity, but one who really loves her fans and people. Country artist Sara Evans is a lot that and it's how I pictured Aubrey.

Scott. . . he's just fun. Ambitious but caring of others, especially Aubrey. He's a family man, a tender heart, and all sports!

Quirk (if any):

Maybe that she didn't drive. And she kept beat up boxes of her parent's things in a really nice library instead of the attic or garage.

Scott does this weird thing where he plays baseball or something in his head while his boss is talking to him. ;)

Rel:~ I chose this pic because No.36 is the hubby of a dear friend of mine who plays for the Tokyo Giants! Hi M & M!

Your inspir
ation for the character:

Aubrey is a compilation of celebrities. I read a lot of biographies and tried to create someone believable but "large" enough for the reader to buy that the woman on the page was famous. She was actually really fun to write even though the veil of not being able to see up close into the life of a celebrity was frustrating.

Scott is me, my brothers and every sports enthusiast rolled into one. But since he's an anchor, I didn't want him to be the slick haired, capped tooth type, so I tried to create a man with weaknesses and one not so "pretty."

Background to the story:

Diva Nashvegas inspired my first "Behind the Scenes" on my blog. It was a hard book to write. The idea to write about a singer came out of a conversation with my editor after we worked on the first Nashvegas book.

I'd originally thought of an "American Idol" or "Nashville Star" type of but in the end decided to start with a character already at the top of her game but is exhausted and unable to keep hiding from her past.

Aubrey was the first character I fell in love with. When I turned in the manuscript I said, "I love this woman!" Thankfully so did my editors. The first weekend of October, Diva NashVegas won the Maggie Award for Best Inspirational and I was really happy for Aubrey! She deserved a nob. ;)

Loved this look behind Aubrey and Scott - thanks so much, Rach! Now, Diva Nashvegas is an older book of Rachel's so many of you will have read it. How did you picture her characters?

On Monday, I will be spotlighting Trish Perry's Jeremy Beckett and Tiffany LeBoeuf from Beach Dreams ~ I love her pictures of them!

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Rachel Hauck said...


You're a doll for doing these Spotlights. It was cool to read about Aubrey and Scott again.

Hugs to you friend, Rachel

The Tri Road said...

I just had to say... I think Michael Vartan in "Never been kissed" is perfect as a leading man!

Gretchen Geyer said...

I LOVED this book!!! I offered to send it to a friend who moved to Nashville, but she didn't jump on the offer and I was Very Glad to keep the book (all silliness, I know). I want to read it again...

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