Thursday, 26 February 2009

Character Spotlight ~ TL Higley's Tessa of Delos

Today the spotlight shines on.........................................................Tessa of Delos

Tracy Higley has created a brilliant series based on the Seven Ancient Wonders. I was captivated by the first book, Shadow of Colossus and its main character, the lovely yet desperate courtesan, Tessa of Delos.

Over to you, Tracy:~

Brief physical description

Tessa is a tall, commanding Greek woman with dark, wavy hair that she insists on wearing down in spite of the cultural insistence on women tying their hair up. Think Rachel Weisz

Strengths and weaknesses

Tessa’s a brilliant woman, and her intellect has given her prominence in her culture in spite of being a slave, but she has also become very hard and embittered by life. While her strength of character takes her far, it also closes her off to the people who want to love her.

Quirk (if any)

Tessa loves birds, loves to learn about them, and envies their freedom. When the chance comes for her to find freedom for herself, she cannot walk away.

Your inspiration for the character.

All the women in my life who struggle with freedom from their past, and with hearts that are afraid to love and be loved. As I wrote this book, I felt my heart crying out to each one of them to look up, to see the One who paid such a high price for their freedom, and to rejoice in the gift of His love, and His everyday blessings. Our Redeemer wants our hearts to be free, to love Him and to love others. This is Tessa’s struggle, but she is not alone.

Background to the story

The place is the island of Rhodes; the time, 227 BC. In the ten years that Tessa of Delos has been in bondage as a hetaera, a high-priced Greek courtesan to a wealthy politician, she has learned to abandon all desire for freedom and love. But when her owner meets a violent death, Tessa is given the chance to be free—if she can hide the truth of his murder and maintain a masquerade until escape is possible. Now Tessa must battle for her own freedom and for those she is beginning to love, as forces collide that will shatter the island’s peace and bring even its mighty Colossus to its knees.

Thanks for this insight, Tracy. Check back soon for my review of the second Ancient Wonders novel, City of the Dead and a spotlight on Hemiunu, Grand Vizier to the Pharoah.

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Tracy said...

Thanks Tracy and Rel. I loved 'Shadow of Colussus'. I found your inspiration for the story very touching.

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