Saturday, 14 February 2009

Brittan by Debra White Smith ~ Tracy's Take

What is it about?

Brittan Shay is the young heiress of her family’s publishing empire. While her work is challenging, what really exhilarates her is solving crimes with her two Debutante friends, who have been dubbed ‘The Rose’, by the media. Despite feeling fulfilled with her life Brittan still feels lonely, especially with Heather and Lorna’s recent engagements.

With the resolution of a handful of high profile cases under their belt the three friends turn their attention to discovering who would implicate The Rose in the theft of a rare Incan necklace.

Unafraid the Debutantes head into danger to solve the case. This time, Brittan’s heart is also on the line. Should she pursue a relationship with the very smooth, attractive Latino? Or will the police chief with the disarming blue eyes be the one to hold her heart?

What I thought:

‘Brittan’ is the final thrilling instalment in Debra White Smith’s Debutantes trilogy. It combines the perfect balance of romance and mystery with a fast paced storyline that will capture your attention, demanding you not put it down until it is finished!

I found the character of Brittan engaging and appealing. She is a young independent woman who is highly motivated and detail orientated. I loved that Brittan’s two ‘love interests’ were also strong characters, each exhibiting their interest in her in very different ways, adding a little spice to the story.

Debra uses Brittan’s journey from independence and stubborn self reliance to awareness that God is involved in the details of our lives to encourage the reader to the same realisation. Throughout the story Brittan learns that it is important to trust others, to be honest and that God is interested in our prayers. Debra White Smith gently develops these themes throughout Brittan’s story with skill and flair that will leave you motivated to understand God’s interest in your own life in greater depth.

Guest reviewer:~ my friend, Tracy from Beyond My Picket Fence

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nolene said...

This sounds interesting and I always like a mystery! Looking forward to reading the whole series.

Jenny said...

I read all of Debra White Smith's fiction - great stuff!

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