Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Cry In the Night by Colleen Coble

"If ever was a man cut out to be a father, it was Kade Matthews."

No one knows this more than his wife, Bree, and she hopes desperately to be able to fulfil their dream of having a baby together, as well as provide a sister or brother for her son Davy.

When Bree and her search and rescue dog, Samson, discov
er a baby hidden in the woods, Bree is instantly smitten but knows they must search for the baby's mother. Kade is keeping a worrying secret from Bree and is concerned over her attachment to a baby she will have to give up. Their marriage starts to feel the strain.

As the pressure of their infertility mounts, the biggest threat to their happiness, arrives in the return of Bree's first husband, a man everyone believed dead and who is now determined to win back his son.

Colleen Coble takes readers back to Rock Harbour in Cry In The Night an
d turns up the heat on her beloved heroine, Bree Matthews, husband Kade and young Davy. As always, she weaves death and destruction upon the tiny Michigan community as they come to terms with a killer on the loose, kidnapped babies and a potential environmental crisis.

Colleen pens the emotions of her characters with a deft hand, drawing the reader into Bree's freefall into fear and confusion as she struggles with her failure to provide Kade with a baby and the shocking implications of her dead husband's return upon their marriage. In Kade, we see a strong, dependable man begin to panic and consider the unthinkable in an effort to retain his job and young Davy, growing up and straining against his mother's love. Colleen writes a satisfying and engaging mystery, with clues and twists aplenty and provides a journey of heartache and discovery for Bree and Kade. Rock Harbour fans will not be disappointed
in the slightest and I applaud Colleen for her moving and genuine conclusion to the story.

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And here's a sneak peek at what's coming next from Colleen ~ Lonestar Secrets, releasing in July, 2009

Shannon Astor returns to southwest Texas to serve as the town's veterinarian, believing she's finally found the space to get her life back on track.

Then she catches a glimpse of Jack MacGowan, the man who ruined her life years before. But even more shocking is the sight of Jack's five-year-old daughter Faith, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Shannon's own daughter Kylie. Is it possible that their similarities could be more than just coincidence? Could Faith be the daughter that Shannon has believed to be dead for all these years?


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