Thursday, 29 January 2009

Gatekeepers by Robert Liparulo ~ Tim's Take

Gatekeepers is a fantasy book written by Robert Liparulo. It is the third book in the Dreamhouse Kings series.

The King Family finally feels a glimmer of hope as Xander has found their mother in one of the portals. David wants to rush in immediately and rescue her but is advised not to and to plan it out instead. Their father is taken into custody by bribed policeman and so the children spend another fearful night at home. After David once again attempts to retrieve their mother at the Civil War portal, he is shot at and barely escapes with his life. Both David and Xander have now entered this world and are thought of as hostiles, giving Xander the idea to send Toria through.

Unbeknownst to the Kings, a frail old man, Jesse, has taken a keen interest in them and the house. He reveals himself to the children and offers to help them and give them more information about the house and its abnormalities. He explains to David about how David’s saving of the little girl in the Civil War world meant smallpox was now destroyed. She had helped to construct a vaccine. Jesse tells the boys how their actions in the other worlds are in the past but will affect the modern world.

This book includes another confrontation with the huge guardian of the house, more insight into Taksidian’s scheming and the arrival of an unexpected visitor!

Having read the other two books in this series, I thoroughly enjoyed Gatekeepers. The time frame troubled me a bit (everything in the book happens in about twenty-four hours) but I’m sure there are other books like this, I just must not have read them. Liparulo’s character description is exquisite. In this book, the character’s feelings are explained as well as the ways they are coping with their predicament. In a lot of books I read, I find the character’s courage throughout the situation a bit unbelievable, but I suppose if it is forced onto you, you’d probably develop some courage as you go along. I really liked the new characters of Jesse (a frail, vulnerable, old man) and Keal (a bystander just taken along for the ride.

Not as much of Taksidian was featured in this book and I think more would have been helpful as he is the main villain and I would’ve liked to read more about his situation.

Summing up, I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy. Can’t wait for the Fourth book!

Guest reviewer:~ my nephew and teen, Tim

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Robert Liparulo said...

Thanks for the nice review, Tim. Insightful, as usual. And don't worry, Taksidian comes back in full force in Timescape. Till next time . . .


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