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Character Spotlight ~ Tamara Tilley's Michal Madigan & Tyler Mason

Today the spotlight shines on..................................... Michal Madigan and Tyler Mason

Tamara Tilley has three excellent romantic suspense novels to her name and her characters from her most recent novel, Criminal Obsession, are fleshed out below. You can now buy all three of Tamara's books for the great price of $30 from her website.


Michal "Mike" Madigan

Brief physical description

Blonde, blue-eyed looks like A. J. Cook from Criminal Minds. A forensic pathologist.


Determined, passionate about her job, feisty


Because of a tragic accident when she was a teen and poor judgment on her part, she closes herself off from others. She doesn’t make time for the opposite sex. She feels as if she’s married to her job and she’s all right with that.


I don’t think she has any? Other than, maybe to say she loves dogs, but I don’t think that’s a quirk?

Your inspiration for the character

The story for Mike, just sort of came to me. I wanted reader’s first impression of her to be one of strength. She works in a somewhat male dominated environment so she feels as if she has to prove herself to those around her. But, her hard exterior really is a fa├žade to hide the hurt and pain she has endured since she was a teenager. I wanted to portray a strong woman, who needed a special man to tear down the walls she erected around her.

Tyler Mason

Brief physical description

Police Detective, looks like Michael T. Weiss from the TV show, Pretender. He has strong masculine features, but is really soft-hearted inside.


Very much like Mike. He’s strong, dedicated to his job, and knows what’s valuable in life.


His biggest weakness is Mike. Though his head tells him she’s not worth the trouble, his heart tells him there is more to her story than meets the eye.

Quirk (if any)

Again, not very quirky.

Your inspiration for the character

The character that Michael T. Weiss played in the Pretender. He’s a great guy, wants to right the wrongs in the world, but behind his incredible good looks, and the confidence he exudes, he has a vulnerable heart.

In closing

Most of the characters in my books, are determined (obstinate if I am really being honest). They don’t like opening themselves up to situations where they can be hurt, but when they do, they reveal a more complex person. I love multi-layered characters. I love strength/vulnerability in my characters.

Thanks Tamara ~ I especially loved your choice of actors for Mike and Tyler :)

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Tracy said...

I loved Michael T Weiss in The Pretender. Fantastic choices!

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