Friday, 12 September 2008

Criminal Obsession by Tamara Tilley

The tragic loss of Michal "Mike" Madigan's sister fueled her desire to become a forensic pathologist. Her job as Emerald Lake's Medical Examiner keeps the fire burning as she seeks some kind of justice for the victims of violence by finding the clues that lead to their killers.

After a failed romance, Mike has kept her focus on work and her beloved Labradors and away from men, that is until the arrival of Detective Tyler Mason, a man determined to ruffle her feathers beginning with their tumultuous first meeting.

After apologies are made, Mike is attracted to the depth and dedication that she sees in Tyler but his abiding commitment to the God whom she believes failed her, is a wedge that may forever doom their relationship.

Faith, love and fear collide as a cold hearted killer haunts Emerald Lake, focusing his rage on the ME, the woman with the power to expose him.

Criminal Obsession reads like a Dee Henderson novel with strong, engaging characters and knife edge suspense. Mike is as strong as she is vulnerable making her a fascinating character as she solves murders yet is burdened by the one she couldn't. Tyler has more layers than the usual male lead, devoted to God as he battles temptation and the pain of a wayward sister. There is plenty of back story and suspense to keep the pages turning at a great rate and while my initial guess of the killer's identity proved correct there were enough twists to keep me doubting. Tamara Tilley continues to sharpen her craft and carve herself a deserved place in the romantic suspense genre.

Available now from Evergreen Press

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