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Forsaken by James David Jordan & open giveaway

Raised by her father, a Special Forces veteran, Taylor always knew she was different. Practical rather than perfect, beautiful yet unaffected with a plethora of survival skills most adults never master, Taylor’s soul is still scarred when evil comes calling on her. As a result, Taylor throws herself in to her studies and into a career protecting others, with a tenacity and ferocity rarely seen in a woman. Taylor serves her country well, despite controversy, in the Secret Service before opening her own Security company, Pasbury Security.

Under pressure from his devoted staff, following threats from Muslim extremists, Simon Mason, the world’s most revered televangelist reluctantly agrees to a security detail and hand picks Taylor Pasbury. Fighting an attraction to this surprisingly understated man, Taylor implements security changes but is unable to prevent Simon’s daughter Kacey from kidnappers who demand Simon make an unthinkable choice if he wants to see Kacey again.

Simon, Taylor and Kacey find themselves caught up in life threatening events that may exact a price higher than death.

I have read many enthralling suspense novels, enjoyed meaningful love stories and delved into books that challenge my thinking and purpose but never has a novel combined all three elements, and with such adeptness, as Forsaken. James David Jordan’s Taylor Pasbury is a complex woman with burdens from her past, unimaginable to most, yet is genuinely intriguing. Simon Mason is a man who wields great power yet is grounded in his beliefs and compassion, but still has demons from his past to battle. When the unbearable testing of his soul and spirit occurs, you will not be left untouched and as I did, will contemplate the choice you might make in Simon’s shoes. Although the conclusion is satisfying, I was left feeling there was a depth to the characters that remained unexplored so I was thrilled to learn Taylor’s story does not end with this book. A fascinating and emotional read, Forsaken will keep you up late, even when the last page is read, pondering your faith, the intricacies of love in all its forms and God’s unforeseen purposes in this world.

Truth be told, regardless of the challenging thoughts it leaves you with, Forsaken is one excellent ride, complete with unexpected twists and turns, that neither men or women should miss!

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Thanks to the fabulous folk at B&H Fiction, I have two copies of Forsaken to give away to my Aussie readers and two copies for my North American readers! To enter:

1. Post a comment before midnight Thursday 18th September, 2008

2. Tell me what characteristics you enjoy in a female lead character?

3. Add an AUS or USA at the end of your post so I know your location.


Ruby (Mouth) said...

Hey there,

This book looks great. I like my heroine to be strong minded and passionate, but I also like her to have a bit of feminity.



Danielle said...

Your review of this book was intriguing!

Hmm, I like my heroines to be quietly heroic, not always sure (because who's perfect, hey?), and not wildly emotional. Girls who get stuff done behind the scenes inspire me.

daniellecentral at gmail dot com


HeatherH said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
HeatherH said...

I too like the strong characteristics, and women who deal with traditionally "male" things but still holding onto their femininity. However, having said that - I can't walk past a soppy romance!

heather at exemail dot com dot au

AUS =)

Tracy said...

I love a female character who has inner strength and substance and yet is able to remain gracious & feminine.

A character that melts with the first hint of challenge or difficulty is not my style!

jaana said...

I think I like variety. There is a variety of characteristics in real life people so there should be in fiction too. So my answer is ALL SORTS!


nolene said...

I like a women who has inner strength and tenacity but who is also sensitive and not afraid to show emotion. AUS

twg said...

I like confidence in a female character with some flaws. I enjoy your reviews. Thanks Becky

Smilingsal said...

characteristics I enjoy in a female lead character: I like her to be like me--capable, opinionated, and a bit sarcastic. USA

Mary said...

I enjoy leading ladies who have a living faith, a positive attitude and a sense of humor.



Alyce said...

I like female characters that are bold and confident, yet still feminine.

akreese (at) hotmail (dot) com

Rebekah (the_littleminx) said...

Ooh, this sounds like a good read. I like my female leads to be strong and intelligent, but I like them to be sweet, funny, and a real girl's girl too. I guess I like them to be like me. LMAO :P

littleminx at cox dot net

Nicole said...

Female characters: Passionate, capable of jumping in with both feet and then realizing they jumped too far, too fast, strong in the Lord in spite of their vulnerability.


Naomi said...

Sounds like an interesting read. I like my female characters to be real.

Lalycairn said...

I like the female characters in books to be real. Not perfect and definately not sappy lovestruck weaklings. I enjoy books about strong women, who have to deal with their own internal issues, and how that plays out in their lives. Enjoyed your review of this book. I, too, like books that leave me thinking.

Lalycairn (at) (USA)

windycindy said...

What a remarkable book giveaway drawing! I love the cover of the book. Most of the time, I like the lead heroine to be her own person and
self-sufficient! She is willing to give in a little for a man who truly loves her. Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks.....Cindi

ad said...

This book sounds fantastic,so please add my name.I like the lead lady to be intelligent,strong andcan have a good laugh.

Jen said...

Sounds good Rel. I like leading ladies to be passionate and have inner strength and know what they want. Thanks

Carole said...

I enjoy a female lead who is intelligent yet humble, sensitive, willing to listen and give when needed. Thanks for a great giveaway, Rel!


cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

silverhartgirl said...

I like a female that is funny and strong

Nise' said...

Confident, funny, fearless, sensitive and able to laugh at themselves.

Leola said...

I like leads who are strong and confident, but still feminine and flawed - able to admit to weakness and strugles. Thanks for another great review and interview Rel!

Ashlea said...


See, when we see all the female heroines in movies or in cartoons, they are mostly all hot, all perfect, all strong or have some sort of thing that defines them.

When i think of a female heroine, i always think of my mum. Its not hard having to cook and clean for my brother and I, and especially after working 4 or 5 hours herself. She is an amazing person.

So when i think of a heroine, i think of all females. Everyone is good at something and always contributes something to a group.

A female lead character.....they just have to be themselves, they dont have to be Over The Top to impress me. I think females are amazing as they are. Females are so passionate and always have something in their hearts that they are fighting for. Now thats amazing, to fight for something, and to just be able to over come so much.

Anyway sorry about the rambling, had a weird day. But fine line......... i think characteristics should be stuff like passion, realistic, open minded and isnt afraid to screw up. Who cares if they do??

Love ya. Ashlea


Anonymous said...

great review, sounds like a good read I like a female lead character to be believable, someone who we could all believe ourselve to be. Wendyb

lisa said...

What an attractive cover! Please enter me!

ldneuhof at hotmail dot com

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