Friday, 5 September 2008

Sneak peek at Nothing But Trouble by Susan May Warren

While her newest novel is Nothing But Trouble, there is nothing I enjoy more than a novel by Susie and this one looks like another gem!

Nothing But Trouble is the first in a new series set to release in February, 2009 from Tyndale ~ can't wait!

Smart, intrepid PJ Sugar, wannabe PI, and all-around troublemaker has returned home to set right the rumors that drove her out of her hometown of Kellogg, MN, ten years ago. But not much has changed -- well, except for her old beau/bad boy has turned into the local law. But PJ isn't in town for longer than a day when her old history teacher is murdered and her best friend's hubby is branded the killer. PJ can't leave well enough alone, and pretty soon, she's up to her ears in Nothin' but Trouble!


Rel said...

Anyone think PJ looks like Drew Barrymore??!!

So Many Books said...

She does!

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