Sunday, 28 September 2008

A Sister's Hope by Wanda E Brunstetter ~ Tracy's Take

What is it about?

Martha is the youngest of Roman and Judith Hostettler’s three daughters. Her dog breeding business is struggling to get off the ground, despite her passion and soft heart for her animals. As the attacks of vandalism on her family’s property continue to escalate and the Sherriff seems unconcerned and disinterested Martha decides to do a little detective work of her own.

Luke Friesen is determined to clear his name with Roman Hostettler and win the respect of the man whose daughter he wishes to court. Roman suspects Luke of the attacks on his family. Luke has a muddy history with Roman, having been fired by the surly woodworker for his youthful irresponsible attitude towards his work. Martha and Luke soon discover they are on the same mission and decide to team up and work together, keeping their growing friendship quiet so as not to arouse Roman’s ire and wrath.

What I thought:

Wanda E Brunstetter brings this trilogy to a very satisfying conclusion. I found it difficult to put the book down until the surprising revelation of the vandal in the very last pages. Martha is an engaging character full of spunk and determination. Wanda ably gives the reader an insight into the fact that Amish women are not a stereotype of quiet submission, but have their own mind and do indeed have influence in their own way. I was impressed with how Roman cares for his family, and is willing to listen to wise advice, despite his own initial leanings.

‘A Sister’s Hope’ reminds the reader that whilst God wants us to trust him unreservedly, He also expects us to be involved in our lives, rather than sitting idly by waiting for something to happen. As I have heard it said, ‘you can’t steer a stationary ship’. I was thrilled when different family members finally decided to take action and find out once and for all who was causing them so much harm and distress.

Guest reviewer: Tracy of Beyond My Picket Fence


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