Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Mixed Bags by Melody Carlson ~ Chloe-Anne's Take

DJ is living at her grandmother’s house, but it isn’t just a normal house it is a boarding house for teenage girls. DJ doesn’t want to be there. When the girls start to arrive, DJ knows things are going to be hard, especially since she seems to be the odd one out.

Taylor seems out to get DJ, Rhiannon is all about religion and Casey, DJ’s old friend is completely different and not in a good way. Add to all of that peer pressure, fashion, boys and just getting along. The Carter House girls have a lot to figure out. To put the icing on the cake DJ’s grandmother was a model in 60’s and is trying to make them all into graceful young ladies.

Melody Carlson has done another perfect job with this novel, Mixed Bags. It’s good to see a book on something different, but within that Melody Carlson still faces teenage issues. The characters are so original, it would have been hard to personalise so many characters but Melody Carlson has made all of the characters unique in their own way. It was good to see one of the girls in the house a Christian and that she had an impact on some of the other characters. I am absolutely dying to bits to read the sequel, Stealing Bradford.

Guest reviewer: teen Chloe-Anne

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Davo said...

What a great review Chloe-Anne!

Tracy said...

Fantastic review Chloe-Anne. You make this houseful of teenage girls sound intriguing and exhausting and yet like a traffic accident happening in slow motion, you can't help but keep watching!

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