Sunday, 7 September 2008

Home Another Way by Christa Parrish

The loss of her mother at the hand of her father shattered Sarah Graham's childhood. Raised by her embittered Grandmother and starved for love, Sarah only expresses her deepest emotions through her beloved violin. When tragedy once again visits her, any seed of hope is destroyed and Sarah pursues a life littered with poor choices and destructive relationships.

Penniless when her estranged father dies leaving her a small inheritance, Sarah has no choice but to meet the stipulation in her father's will that she stay for six months in Jonah, New York, an isolated mountain community.

With their simple ways and tragedies of their own to overcome, Sarah is both repelled and intrigued as the townsfolk reach out to her hardened heart.

Christa Parrish has written a stellar debut novel in Home Another Way, reminiscent of Nicole Baart and as her publisher states, Lisa Samson. With beautiful prose, authentic dialogue and exceptional storytelling Home Another Way is emotive, challenging and eminently readable.

Sarah's bitterness and hatred toward her father is reflected in her rude and unkind manner, self serving behaviour and inability to love, all ably shown by Christa's honest hand. That Christa still invokes great sympathy for the wounded Sarah is a true indication of her talent. Wonderful characterisation marks each of the Jonah townsfolk from Reverend Jack, his disfigured sister Beth to the devoted mother, Memory Jones. The revelation of their struggles is confronting and often painful to read yet touched my heart in many ways.

Subtly woven into each chapter is Sarah's unwilling and tentative investigation of faith, portrayed with an authenticity that was a joy to read. With a courageous and satisfying conclusion you can be sure I will be reading any of Christa's future tales.

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Christa Parrish said...

Thanks so much, Rel. I'm looking forward to the interview.

Christa Parrish

Annette said...

Hello, this is my first visit to your blog! Thank you.
This book looks really good, I will add it to my wish list.

Rel said...

Hey Christa - thanks for dropping by.

DaisyAnne - hope you enjoy the book. Thanks for visiting :)

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