Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Blood Lines by Mel Odom

What begins as a routine investigation into a car jacking against a Marine and his wife, develops into a world of pain for NCIS Agent Shel McHenry and his team, as the perpetrator turns out to be the son of drug smuggler and killer, Victor Gant. Victor will not take the hit on his boy lying down and has Shel firmly in his sights, keeping the NCIS team of Wil, Remy and Estrella on their toes.

As Shel recovers from the fallout of the investigation, his thoughts turn to his distant father, Tyrel McHenry, a man he barely knows despite growing up in his home. Tormented by long ago demons, brought on by his experiences in the Vietnam war, Tyrel's dark past rises up to haunt him as it reaches out to threaten the very life of his son.

Blood Lines is another hard hitting story from Mel Odom that delivers action aplenty, fascinating characters and an emotional punch that leaves you exhausted and fulfilled! Wil Coburn's team is back and in fine form as they chase down notorious criminal, Victor Gant and investigate the death of a soldier forty years earlier. With his sharp eye for detail, Mel pumps his military thriller with the complex characters of his past NCIS stories, fleshing out Shel's past and delving into the sometimes difficult relationship between fathers and sons. The story reveals Shel as a boy desperately seeking his father's approval and love and Tyrel, a man so emotionally burnt by war and the burden of guilt he carries, is unable to offer anything, shattering their relationship before it could begin. Their interaction as adults is painful to read but exceptionally drawn and adds emotional depth and honesty to this story. Blood Lines' pacing is fast and furious, as one expects from Mel's novels and is a highly satisfying conclusion to this series. My only regret is not getting to read Remy's story...maybe one day, Mel?!

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Anonymous said...

Another to add to the list, I have enjoyed all of the NCIS series so far and look forward to this one!

CeeCee said...

I enjoyed this one. My favorite character was Shel's dad. You have to wonder what stories the strong and silent types hold. And he can kick butt too.

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