Monday, 26 January 2009

Character Spotlight ~ Rick Acker's Sergei Spassky

Today the spotlight shines on.........................................................Sergei Spassky

Rick Acker is back with a spotlight request from me! I loved his quirky Russian detective, Sergei Spassky who features in Dead Man's Rule and Blood Brothers. I think he has Rick's sense of humour :)

Brief physical description of your character:

Sergei is about thirty. He has a lean, sinewy build and an open, boyish face topped by a flattop haircut. He wears wire-rimmed glasses that hide quick, dark eyes. Overall, he has a scholarly, slightly clueless look that can cause criminals to make the mistake of not taking him seriously. He’s not exactly handsome, but women often forget that after they’ve talked to him for half an hour.

Actor/famous person who might resemble him:

Adrian Brody, but with a flattop.

Strengths and weaknesses:

Sergei gets along with pretty much everyone. He is the sort of man who has opponents, but rarely enemies—a detective who is amiable and funny, even when he’s facing down hostile gun dealers or mob bosses. He’s also streetwise and has personal and family connections throughout the light and dark sides of Chicago’s Russian community. And for when connections aren’t enough, he is also a member of the exclusive Possible Club—the individuals who have achieved a perfect score on the handgun range FBI’s National Academy.

Sergei’s main weakness is that he doesn’t like to think about the future. That can mean anything from being unwilling to make decisions about his romantic relationships to being completely unprepared for the prospect of death when it’s suddenly staring him in the face.


He thinks his haircut is a trademark; his girlfriend thinks it’s an embarrassment.

Your inspiration for the character:

None whatsoever. Sergei just showed up uninvited in Dead Man’s Rule. I got about fifty pages into the story and my main character, Ben Corbin, decided to hire a detective familiar with Chicago’s Russian mafiya underworld. The next thing I knew, Sergei was in Ben’s office for an interview. I’m glad he took the job—he’s one of my favorite characters.

спасибо Rick :) Hope to be reading another book from you soon!

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Rick Acker said...

Thanks for featuring Sergei, Rel! Great job (as always) on choosing the pictures.

Tracy said...

I love that ~ 'Sergei just showed up uninvited'. For some reason that tickles my funny bone!

Jenny said...

I thought the same thing, Tracy. Great spotlight - I usually haven't gotten to the books you spotlight, so it's nice to read a spotlight for a book I've actually had time to enjoy. *g*

CeeCee said...

Great spotlight. Makes me want to read the book.

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