Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Watcher in the Woods by Robert Liparulo ~ Tim's Take

Watcher in the Woods is a fantasy book and is the second book in the Dreamhouse Kings series.

After losing their mother to the mysterious passages in their house, the King family are trying their hardest to get her back. David has entered a bloody war scene and barely escapes with his life. But while in the strange meadow a stranger appears from the bushes and spies on them. David is the only one to see him and alerts his father but it is too late, he has disappeared. Later, the mysterious stranger (who reveals his name as Taksidian) visits the Kings’ house and seems very keen on obtaining it. Although he is repeled this time, the Kings know it is not the end of him. Get ready for more portal travels, dark characters and even another trip through the linen cupboard!

This is written in much the same style as its predecessor, House of Dark Shadows, incorporating a lot of suspense, intrigue and detail. You can feel their grief for their lost mother, Xander’s frustration at not getting anywhere and their father’s regret that he’d made such a terrible mistake. Toria is a good representation of the upset, unknowing, innocent little kid and the way they deal with the situation is resourceful and almost real. Once again though, I felt that the time frame was a bit too short, as with the first book, and it takes away from some of the reality. Aside from that point, I was hooked on it and basically read it non-stop until I’d finished!

Guest reviewer:~ my nephew and teen, Tim

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Robert Liparulo said...

Hi Tim,

Thank you for the kind reviews of my books. I'm glad you liked them. You are an astute reader, and you structure your reviews well. I hope you like Gatekeepers (but I think the time line is going to drive you crazy: the whole book takes place in roughly 24 hours).

Take care,

Rel said...

Lovely to have you drop by, Bob!

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