Sunday, 6 July 2008

Awaken My Heart by DiAnn Mills & Distant Heart by Tracey Bateman

Harper Collin's new inspirational line, Avon Inspire, has some well know authors to its credit. Here are my mini reviews of DiAnn Mills' and Tracey Bateman's latest offerings.

Enjoy :)

Awaken My Heart by DiAnn Mills


When mestizos kidnap Marianne Phillips, they hope that her wealthy Texas rancher father will trade land for her freedom. But rebel leader Armando Garcia is enchanted with this young woman whose faith is so strong---and arranges for her escape. How much will Marianne and Armando risk to give their love a chance?

My take:~

DiAnn Mills fashions a passionate tale of two mismatched hearts against the backdrop of oppression and injustice in the new Texas colony. Armando and Marianne represent the social divide, Armando the reluctant but devoted leader of the mestizo peasants and Marianne, the daughter of a wealthy landholder. I enjoyed how DiAnn ably portrayed Armando as the rebel leader torn between loyalty and love for his people and abhorrance at his men's kidnapping of Marianne. Matters of faith, love and justice give this romance something above the usual fare. Awaken My Heart is good read for your next quiet afternoon!

Distant Heart by Tracey Bateman


Antonia Rodden once dreamed of a new life and happy family out west. Now the former prostitute doubts that anybody will ever love her for anything but her looks. Wagon scout and part-time preacher Sam Two-Feathers proclaims One who forgives sins and looks beyond outward appearances. Can Sam practice---and Toni trust---what he preaches?

My take:~

Highly anticipating the story of Toni and Sam ever since reading of their hidden attraction in Defiant Heart, the first in Tracey's Westward Heart series, I was not disappointed. Distant Heart is an emotionally satisfing read as Toni and Sam struggle to believe they could ever be good enough for eachother. Toni's unsavoury past convinces her she is unworthy of the God fearing and gentle Sam Two-Feathers, while Sam believes his heritage prevents him from ever telling Toni of his love and devotion. The redemptive message in this tale is moving and with a touch of humour, Distant Heart will please lovers of well written historical romances and garner the genre some new fans as well.


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