Monday, 7 July 2008

The Rogue's Redemption by Ruth Axtell Morren

Fighting the French has been Major Gerrit Hawkes destiny and despair. Choosing to dispel the nightmares with dissolute living, Gerrit is struck by the innocence and faith of young Hester Leighton, visiting London from the American colonies.

Out of her depth in London society, Hester is enamoured by Gerrit Hawkes, convinced of his good character despite reports to the contrary. Yet she is well aware that their friendship cannot develop further with Gerrit's estrangement from God.

When Hester returns to America, Gerrit is faced with a choice that will forever change his destiny.

If Regency romance is your cup of tea then Ruth Axtell Morren's The Rogue's Redemption is a must read. This story is marked with substantial characters dealing with life struggles from faith, trauma, guilt and forgiveness. From London to Maine Territory, the description of both cultures and societies are detailed and fascinating. Gerrit and Hester are appealing characters whose depth is explored over the course of the story. Gerrit's journey to faith is achieved with sensitivity and authenticity. I will be sure to seek out Ruth's engaging stories in the future.


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