Monday, 21 July 2008

The Falcon and the Sparrow by ML Tyndall

Born to an English Admiral and a beautiful Frenchwoman, Dominique Dawson discovers her heritage is more burden than blessing. As Napoleon threatens the might of the English fleet, Dominique is forced to take up the position of governess to Admiral Chase Randall's neglected son. Yet her mission is not the boy, but espionage. If she fails to uncover military secrets her beloved brother will die at the hands of his French captors.

Chase Randall is a jaded man, scarred by his past with little knowledge of how to raise a son, let alone show him the love and affection young William craves. Dominique is hardly the kind of woman he has been seeking out since his wife died and he despises her timidity. Yet something about her innocence and devout faith appeals to the man he used to be.

Dominique prays that God will reveal to her a way to save her brother and enable her to live with the wrath of Chase Randall once he discovers her betrayal.

Adventure is MaryLu Tyndall's middle name! Hot on the heels of her fabulous Legacy of the King's Pirates trilogy comes another intriguing tale of love, betrayal and dangerous escapades. The difference being in The Falcon and the Sparrow, MaryLu has her characters' feet, for the most part, planted firmly on dry land! Yes, the outcome is readily apparent but it is a small price to pay for great characterisation, a lively caper and genuine faith in action. I loved that Dominique was shy and awkward, a change from the standard feisty female of historical novels and that Chase's shortcomings were readily apparent. That he is not transformed immediately upon his association with the devout governess, gives authenticity to his journey towards redemption. This is a satisfying novel, yet I have to say I am looking forward to MaryLu's return to the High Seas in Blossoms of Faith
, the first in her Charles Towne Belle series releasing in 2009.

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Smilingsal said...

Adventure tales are interesting.

April Erwin said...

I agree! Loved this new book by Mary Lu. Chase and Dominique were amazing characters.

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