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Disaster Status by Candace Calvert with signed giveaway


Charge nurse Erin Quinn escaped personal turmoil to work on the peaceful California coast. But when a hazardous material spill places Pacific Mercy Hospital on disaster status and stresses staff, she's puts to the test. And thrown into conflict with the fire department's handsome incident commander who thinks her strategy is out of line.

Fire Captain Scott McKenna has felt the toxic effects of tragedy; he's learned to go strictly by the book to advance his career, heal his family, and protect his wounded heart. When he's forced to team with the passionately determined ER charge nurse, sparks fly. As they work to save lives, can they handle the attraction kindled between them . . . without getting burned?

My take:~

Candace Calvert returns with her unique blend of medical drama and engaging romance in Disaster Status as feisty ER charge nurse Erin Quinn from Critical Care confronts the unbending Fire Captain Scott McKenna creating a slow burning attraction guaranteed to melt the coldest heart! With her dedication to detail, Candace once again brings the emergency room to life, the sounds, smells and emotions that inhabit every hospital and the compassionate staff that make healing possible. Layered into the story is the the burgeoning attraction between Erin and Scott, both struggling with fear and guilt from their past and the shattered marriage of Dr Leigh Stathos, setting up the third book in the series, Code Triage. With an extra twist of suspense, Candace will cement her following with Disaster Status and have readers clamouring for more when this series ends.

With thanks to Tyndale House for my review copy

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Open Giveaway

Candy is graciously offering one of my readers a signed and personalised copy of Disaster Status!

To enter, post a comment on or before Sunday 14th March, 2010 telling me your favourite medical TV show, movie or book :) To be included in the draw you must answer the question!

Mine would have to be a fantastic Aussie series from the 80's called The Flying Doctors (showing my age, I know)!! What's yours?


K said...

Wow!! This book sounds amazing!!

My favourite medical book (well, series actually!) would have to be the Healing Touch series by Hannah Alexander. Such a great series! The Sacred Trust series by Hannah Alexander is also really good!! :)

Thanks for entering me in this awesome contest!

Sandra Heska King said...

Oh wow! Favorites? I loved Dr. Welby and Dr. Gannon and Dr. Kildare. And I loved the Cherry Ames series. And there was some book I read about a Navy WAVE. All those contributed to pushing me into nursing--though I'm not sure if it was to help people or to find a cute doctor! ;) I did end up with a pharmaceutical salesman who now works in the life insurance field. So I'm still a winner in life!

Nicole said...

Speaking of age revealing: I'd have to say the very old series "Dr. Kildare". Also with novels it would be the Hannah Alexander Sacred Trust series.

Linda said...

I've heard Candace's novels are of the caliber of Harry Kraus, and I love his work. Please enter me. I note that the ER nurse is Quinn, after Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman????
Thanks for offering the book.
desertrsose5173 at gmail dot com

Megan DiMaria said...

I really enjoyed "Critical Care," and can't wait to read "Disaster Status." Please enter me into the contest.

Sarah said...

I would love to win this book. My favorite medical show would have to be Emergency!. Yes, I'm in high school and I like a show from the '70's. :) It's a great show!

Nicole said...

Yes! Absolutely how could I forget one of my favorite authors Harry Kraus, MD. Ack! Love his work.

Emily said...

Oh, I can't wait to read this book. The first one was so amazing!!
Um, I would have to say that House is my favorite.

Tracy said...

This sounds like a read taht will enhance my adoration for medical shows!

I'm sure my favourite medical shows my age and fascination for them! My first was The Flying Doctors, followed by All Saints, then ER and then House.

I can't go past a good Aussie drama though!

Jen said...

How to choose!!!!Flying Docs, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, ER and House are all favs of mine.I also read all the Sue Barton nurse series when I was a teenager! Would love to win this book. Thanks Rel and Candy

Carole said...

I loved the first book in this series, so I'm ready to slip back into the ER in Disaster Status.

I'm a fan of medical series and will show my age along with some other posters because the first one I remember being crazy about was Dr. Kildare. And then on to Marcus Welby, St. Elsewhere, Chicago Hope and ER. I also read the Cherry Ames and Sue Barton nurse series.

Thank you for the giveaway, Rel.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

Chloe-Anne =D said...

I havn't read the first one but this book sounds really good. I don't really watch medical shows, but I use to love watching Quincy ME =D Please enter me. Thanks heapz.
Chloe C:

Anonymous said...

My favorite medical TV show is M*A*S*H, and my favorite medical novel is Candace Calvert's Critical Care, which I just read a few short weeks ago. I'd love to own a copy of Disaster Status!


Julie Lessman said...

Oh, man, sign me up for this contest, PLEASE!! Candy's Critical Care blew me away, it was so good, and I am chomping at the bit to get my hands on Disaster Status one way or the other!!

My favorite medical show was Dr. Kildare (yes, I am dating myself too, Rel, but oh well!).

Thanks for the giveaway and Candy? Keep writing, girl!!



Anonymous said...

I would have to say the TV series Scrubs. It is so hilarious.


Gill - That British Woman said...

back in the 80's there used to be a hospital programme we saw in Britain that was Australian, there could have been a vet in it as well? I can't remember though what it was called, even asked dh and he can't remember the name....I think it was set in the country as well?

Any idea what it was called?

Gill in Canada

(By the way the guy on the front cover of that book is very easy on the eyes!!)

Carolynn W. said...

I loved, loved, loved the Three Rivers TV series, but they cancelled it now...too bad! Alex O'Loughlin is very easy on the eyes. :)
Thanks for the chance to win!
carolynnwald at hotmail dot com

Danielle said...

I would love to win this book! I read Critical Care and loved it! I think my favorite medical television show is Grey's Anatomy. I watched ER in the early days but stopped about five years ago!

Leola said...

This book sounds great - please enter me Rel.
I like lots of medical shows - from a Country practice many years ago to Grey's Anatomy and House today (with a few others in between!!)
Thanks Rel.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Angela Hunt's A Time to Mend and the last book of the Season's Series by Terri Blackstock and Beverly LaHaye. They both dealt with breast cancer very thoroughly, to the point that I have a much better understanding of everything that the disease entails. (I cried my heart out in the Season's book.)
I hope I win Disaster Status - sounds like something I would LOVE!
Thanks for the chance to enter - so much fun!

Rel said...

Loving everyone's comments!

Gil - I think you might be thinking of A Country Practice, which ran from '81-'93

Jennifer - one of the best fiction books on breast cancer is Reconstructing Natalie by Laura Jensen Walker, a survivor herself.

Laetitia :-) said...

A Country Practice; Flying Doctors; ER; GP; RPA...

If vet shows could be included I'd go for All Creatures Great and Small. If human medicine is required I think I'll go with RPA.

Jessica said...

I would say my favorite medical series are all the ones by Hannah Alexander -- the Healing Touch & Sacred Trust series!

Please enter me in the contest! Thanks!

Edna said...

well you can my age by what I like on TV, I used to love Marcus Welby MD and The Doctors.

Please enter me


Edna said...

I follow you on google


Edna said...

I have your button on my blog


jaana said...

Please enter me in this one! My daughter Hanna is studying to become a paramedic and this would be a lovely gift for her! My favourite medical TV show is RPA, real life, real people... watch it every week.

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